NPC recruitment 2023 | 2023 census recruitment adhoc staff



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NPC recruitment 2023
NPC recruitment 2023


NPC recruitment 2023

The National Population Commission has officially activated its e-recruitment platform, which will be used to recruit ad-hoc staff for the national population and housing census that will take place in 2023. The Chairman of the National Population Commission, Nasir Isa-Kwarra, made this point clear while he was speaking at the launch of the portal in Abuja. He emphasised how important it is to have the best hands possible working on the census.

NPC Recruitment 2023 Requirements

National Population Commission is recruiting adhoc staff for census. Interested applicants can apply online on NPC recruitment website to register for the recruitment.

  • Applicant must be Nigerian
  • Applicant must have a valid National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Applicant must have a functional e-mail account
  • Applicant must have a valid and functional phone number
  • Prospective candidates must have an operational commercial bank account (No student/NYSC Account)
  • Must have valid educational qualifications such as a Secondary diploma, high school diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Doctorate degree.
  • Prospective candidates must be knowledgeable on the use of computers, tablets and smartphones

Applicants must have the following


How to Apply for NPC Recruitment 2023

To successfully apply for this recruitment, login to and fill the application form and also make sure you check this webpage for further instructions and updates regarding the status of your application. Application will close on June 7th, 2023.

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Attention all applicants! This platform demands nothing but the truth and only the truth. In order to ensure that your application is considered and processed with due diligence, it is imperative that all supporting documentation and personal information is legitimate and verifiable.

Let this serve as a stern warning to all who might consider submitting false, fraudulent or counterfeit information. Such actions will not be tolerated and will result in an instant rejection of your application. This platform is serious about maintaining the integrity of its process and will not compromise on this fundamental principle. So, play fair, provide only authentic information and give yourself the best shot at success.

Frequently Asked Questions on 2023 Census e-Recruitment Process

How much is NPC recruitment form?

You are not required to pay for the application. The National Population Commission (NPC) 2023 recruitment application is FREE!

Positions advertised for?

Openings are available for Facilitators, Field Coordinators, Training Centre Administrators, Monitoring & Evaluation Officers, Data Quality Managers, Data Quality Assistants, Supervisors, Enumerators and Special Workforce

NPC recruitment application period?

The application window date is from 31st October 2022 to 28th December 2022. However, temporary closure will take place between from 7th to 13th of November for audit and assessment.

How can I retrieve my Access Code/ Application ID

Use your NIN to resume your application if it has not been completed and you will receive the Application ID as a confirmation message upon successful submission of the application.

How can resume my application without having my access code?

Use NIN to resume. One must have either Application ID or NIN to resume application.

How can check my application status?

Click on “Check Application Status”. But note that you can only see your application status after the application window has been closed.

NIN verification unavailable. What will I do?

Wait until it is available.


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