2 Standard And Compiance at e-Government Authority (eGa) _ March 2023



Standard And Compiance at e-Government Authority (eGa). e-Government Authority (e-GA) was established under e-Government Act No.10 of 2019, with a mandate of Co-ordinating, Overseeing and Promoting e-government initiatives and Enforcing Compliance to e-Government Standards and Guidelines to Public institutions.

Enactment of the e-Government Act came as a way of addressing challenges encountered by then e-Government Agency in the areas of legal environment and powers to manage duplication of ICT initiatives and silo ICT systems, promotion of sharing of systems in public institutions, and compliance with Standards and Guidelines to ensure effective use of ICT for improved public service delivery

Standard And Compiance at e-Government Authority (eGa)


EMPLOYER: e-Government Authority (eGa)
APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2023-03-15 2023-03-28


i.To plan, design, develop and implement e-Government Standards and Guidelines;

ii.To monitor compliance to e-Government Standards and Guidelines;

iii.To coordinate the Preparation of hardware and Software Specifications for e-Government implementation;

iv.To study and evaluate new global trends in e-Government Standards and Practices;

v.To plan and execute compliance audit and prepare reports.

vi.To raise awareness to users on e-Government Standards and Guidelines

vii.To identify valuable data sources and automate collection processes.

viii.To undertake preprocessing of structured , semi structured and Unstructured data:

ix.To coordinate the designing, building and deployment of business intelligence (BI) solutions (e.g reporting tools) and tools to store data (e.g OLAP cubes)

x.To analyze large amount of information to discover trends and patterns;

xi.To present information using data visualization techniques;

xii.To initiate solution and strategies to business challenges;

xiii.To perform Data translation and produce useful reports;

xiv.To assess the effectiveness, quality and accuracy of new data sources and data gathering techniques;

xv.To develop tools to monitor and analyses system performance and data accuracy;

xvi.To monitor performance against targets for various system and business metrics;


Holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent degree from a recognized institution.

a.Conversant with internal control frameworks/standards such as COSO/COBIT/ ISO/IEC 27000 etc.

b.Knowledge of multiple technology domains including software development, Security, database management, networking, and Operating systems (including UNIX/Linux, Ms Windows, Android, and IOS) is preferred

c.Knowledge in Information Technology Risk Management/Governance

d.Knowledge of Auditing is an added advantage.

e.Knowledge of cyber laws will be an added advantage.

f.Knowledge of e-Government Standards and Guidelines will be an added advantage.

g.Possession of recognized Information System certifications such as CISA, CISM, CISSP, CEH, TOGAF and CCNA will be an added advantage.

REMUNERATION As per eGA Scheme of Service



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