ENTREPRENEURSHIP VS EMPLOYMENT, There has been an ongoing debate as to whether which one between these two is the better option. Particularly for us Tanzanians, we usually fall back on employment. This is not only centered on the safety that comes with a fixed income but also because it is deeply rooted in us as a result of our upbringing.


This extends as far as our career choices as well. The preferred careers were being teachers,
doctors, accountants and soldiers. Most choices besides the mentioned ones came off as a
waste of time and resources.

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Of course, with time and exposure, we are slowly breaking free from such narrow mindsets.
This has also given rise to an increase in entrepreneurial curiosity. With time, less and less
individuals enjoy working for someone or a cause that is not close to their hearts. This
generation has a greater risk appetite and are more focused on being thoroughly satisfied in all
aspects, not just a guaranteed check at the end of the month.

This attitude has done the economy well as there has been a rise in new business ventures
which contribute to the nation’s earnings via taxes. However, it is no secret that starting your
own business is no walk in the park. Consequently, the youth, particularly Gen-Z have gotten
into betting as their “side hustle”.

In relation to this demographic appreciating entertainment sources such as video games, they have found enjoyment in participating in Casino bet whereby online slots can be a great way of making some cash while having fun in the process! Some even go the extra mile and treat it as a source of capital.

This naturally requires a lot of discipline which when executed, it does exude hope for both this and future generations. So where will the majority of us fall? Employed or on our own as CEO’s? The debate never ends!

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