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Gharama Za Passport Tanzania

Gharama za passport Tanzania

Passport application Tanzania

Passport is one of the very sensitive document issued by the government to its citizens so as to allow them to travel outside the country for various purposes. Tanzania government issues various types of passports and other travel documents as provided for by the Tanzania Passports and other Travel documents Cap 42 of 2002 and its Regulations of 2004.

The passport pages for the current electronic passport contains various images and drawings which explicates the country’s history and tourist attractions

Gharama za passport Tanzania

Application form20,000/=15

Electronic Passport and Travel Document





ORDINARY ELECTRONIC PASSPORT130,000/=                         75
SERVICE ELECTRONIC PASSPORT130,000/=                          75
DIPLOMATIC ELECTRONIC PASSPORT130,000/=                          75
EMERGENCY TRAVEL DOCUMENT20, 000/=                          20


The 90 USD for applicants of passports who apply from outside Tanzania is paid in full as a passport fee apart from other charges which may be charged by the bank as a transaction fee.

Mode of Payment for Passport through Embassies.

Applicants of Passport through Embassies are required to fill applications form Online, and pay 90 USD in full which covers both Application fee (15 USD) and Passport fee (75 USD). Therefore, after completing to fill the form online, applicant will be given a control number of 90USD (for normal applications) and 265 USD for those who lost their passports and apply as a lost case applicant.  Therefore, applicants are strongly advised to make sure that they have sufficient documents and apply for correct type of passport before making payment.

Mode of Payment for for Applicants of Passport while in Tanzania.

Applicants of passports who fill and submit their applications from within the country are required to make their payments in two segments (20,000 as application form fee) and (130,000 as passport fee). The passport fee is payable while the applicant submits his/her application.


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