3 Risk Officer II Job at TRA Tanzania _ June 2023



Risk Officer II Job at TRA Tanzania (Actuarial Scientist) (3 Position(s))

Responsibility: Key Responsibilities will include
  • To prepare statistical data and evaluate them to determine potential risks
  • To explore ways to reduce risks analysed
  • To prepare findings to management for decisions.
  • To provide advice based on calculations in ways that non-experts can understand
  • To prepare reports and presentations
  • To conduct hands on support on data mining engineering in the in the TRA;
  • To prepare methodologies for data collection on various aspects of the TRA operational programmes;
  • To design and reviews data collection instruments;
  • To interacts with the Internet of Things by capturing and merging relevant sources of data for real-time and offline processing
  • To integrates and merges the contents of disparate databases into new datasets that meet the specified needs of users
  • To processes, generates and translates metadata in order to make data searchable and discoverable for users.
  • To prepare and maintain specialized data collection and processing infrastructure to support specialized mission and user needs
  • To develops and manages safeguards to protect data holdings according to law, regulation, and policy requirements
  • To performs other duties as assigned by superior
Qualification Required:
Bachelor degree of Advanced Diploma in one of the following disciplines Data science, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Data Mining or equivalent qualifications from recognized Institution/University.
Preferred Language Skill : Swahili and English
Job Opening date : 27-May-2023
Job closing date : 09-Jun-2023


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