iOS 17 the big feature updates, iOS 17 Preview, iOS 17 was announced and show at WWDC23 along with many other updates. iOS 17 Beta 1 Released to developers and has some nice changes, updates and features. In this video I show you the major iOS 17 updates or iOS 17 standout features so far. iOS 17 was shown along with iPadOS 17, watchOS 10, tvOS 17, HomePodOS 17, new Macs, and Apple Vision Pro.

iOS 17 the big feature updates

iOS 17 Preview, iOS 17 brings new features to enhance the things you do every day. Express yourself like never before when you call or message someone. Share content in convenient new ways. And do even more with new experiences for your iPhone.

iOS 17 Preview


With an entirely new listening mode for AirPods Pro (2nd generation), Adaptive Audio dynamically blends Transparency and Active Noise Cancellation to tailor the noise control experience as you move between changing environments and interactions throughout the day.

Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 05.38.09

Some big changes are coming to AirDrop with iOS 17 including the ability to simply hold your iPhone alongside another iPhone to initiate file transfer through AirDrop. Later in the year, it will also be possible to continue transfers over the internet, allowing you to walk away once an AirDrop transfer has started.

Hold your iPhone near someone else’s iPhone or Apple Watch4 to use NameDrop. You’ll both be able to choose the specific phone numbers or email addresses you want to share, and you can share them along with your Contact Poster instantly.


There are a number of changes coming to AirPods with iOS 17 including something called Adaptive Audio for AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) that blends transparecy mode and active noise cancellation mode to adapt to your surroundings and changing environments.

Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 05.40.08

There will also be a way to mute yourself with a tap on AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generation), AirPods (3rd generation) and AirPods Max. Automatic Switching has also been updated to make switching between Apple devices more seamless.


Whether you’re just calling to say hello or want to share a special moment, you can capture what you wanted to say in a video or audio message. You get all the same video effects that make you look your best in FaceTime, like Portrait mode and Studio Light. Your messages can also be played on Apple Watch.

Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 05.55.37

The FaceTime updates with iOS 17 include the option to leave a message. It can be an audio or video message. FaceTime is also coming to Apple TV with iOS 17 and you’ll be able to hand off between your iPhone and your Apple TV. You can also use gestures to fill the camera frame with a 3D augmented reality effect, like fireworks when you do a double thumbs up.


Siri now works when you just say “Siri” as well as “Hey Siri. Once you activate Siri, you can issue multiple requests back to back without needing to reactivate it.



When you search for an app, Spotlight intelligently offers you app shortcuts to your next action within the Top Hit. So if you search for Photos, you can jump right to the Favorites album.

Live Stickers

There’s a new sticker drawer in iOS 17 that allows you to access animoji, memoji and stickers in one place. They sync with iCloud so they are available across all your Apple devices and you can also use your own photos to create Live Stickers. The sticker drawer is available in the emoji keyboard so you can access them anywhere you can access emojis, including third party apps.

StandBy mode

Perhaps the biggest visual change to iPhone with iOS 17 is a new Standby mode that will activate when your iPhone is locked and in landscape mode. The smart-display mode will detail important information like upcoming calendar appointments, notifications and other bits of information. It works with Smart Stacks so you will get time-relevant information appear. Live Activities will appear in full screen when in StandBy mode for example, and Siri results will appear at a glace too in full screen, like the weather.


Autocorrect delivers even better support as you type. Autocorrected words are temporarily underlined so you know what’s been changed and you can revert back to the original word with just a tap.

Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 05.44.56

Personalised Contact Posters

Several improvements are coming to the Phone app with iOS 17, including something called Personalised Contact Posters, which allows you to create a specific image with typography that will appear on the devices of people you call. You can use a photo of yourself or create an Memoji if you prefer and you can also choose specific background colours and fonts for the typography you choose. It forms part of your Contact Card so it will appear on any iPhone you call.

Interactive Widgets

Interact with a widget from your Home Screen, Lock Screen, or in StandBy. Complete a to-do, play or pause a song or podcast, or access your Home controls to get tasks done in the moment.

Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 05.48.24Widgets are becoming interactive in iOS 17, allowing you to do things faster from your home screen, lock screen or StandBy. For example, you can complete a To-Do, access Home controls or pause a podcast from the Widget rather than having to open each app specifically.

Journal app

A new app is launching with iOS 17 (though possibly later in the year) in the form of a Journal app. It will offer up intelligently curated suggestions, such as photos from that day, or your activity to encourage you to write down what you’ve done that day and preserve memories. You can add details to any entry with photos, music and audio recordings. It is possible to lock your journal and only you can access your journal.


Arguably, one of our favourite announcements of iOS 17 is NameDrop. It’s designed to be an easier way to share contact details with someone you have just met. Hold your iPhone next to another iPhone or Apple Watch and you can choose the specific phone numbers or email addresses you want to share.

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