Kozi zenye kipaumbele kupata mkopo HESLB 2023/2024



Kozi zenye kipaumbele kupata mkopo HESLB 2023/2024, fomu ya mkopo wa elimu ya juu. All accredited degree programmes shall be categorized into three clusters reflecting national priorities as defined in the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS). The NSDS provide six thematic areas listed as high impact drivers towards attainment of the National economic growth. These includes the following: –

(i) Agribusiness,
(ii) Tourismandhospitality, (iii) Energy,
(iv) Transport and logistics, (v) Constructionand
(vi) ICT

Kozi zenye kipaumbele kupata mkopo HESLB 2023/2024

Cluster One Programmes

  1. (i)  Education in Science Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics ICT and Technical and Vocational Training;
  2. (ii)  Health Sciences (Doctor of Medicine, Dental Surgery, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Midwifery, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Physiotherapy, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Laboratory sciences, Radiotherapy Technology);
  3. (iii)  Engineering sciences: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Mining, Mineral and Processing, Textile, Chemical and Processing, Agriculture, Food and Processing, Automobile, Industrial, Maritime Transportation, Marine Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication, and Bio- Processing and Post-Harvest, Water and Irrigation, Aircraft Maintenance and Pilot Engineering
  1. (iv)  Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Chemistry, Oil and Gas;
  2. (v)  ICT and Programming, Information Systems Management;
  3. (vi)  Actuarial and Data sciences;
  4. (vii)  Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Sciences and Production Management; and
  5. (viii)  BachelorofArtsinKiswahili.
  6. (ix)  Education in Technical and Vocational Training

Cluster Two Programs

  • (i) Basic Sciences: Applied Zoology, Botanical, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Aquatic Environmental Sciences and Conservation, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Health, Wildlife and Conservation, Environmental and Industrial Metrology; and
  • (ii) Lands and Valuation Sciences: (Architecture, Landscape and Architecture, Interior Design, Building Survey, Building Economics, Urban and Regional Planning, Land Management and Valuation and Geospatial Technology.

Cluster Three Programs

Humanities, Business Management and Social Sciences: Accountancy, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Environment, Community Development, Social Welfare, Development studies, Sociology, Political Sciences, Arts, painting, creative science, Music, Law and Legal Studies, Languages, Literature, Geography, Psychology, Anthropology, Archeology, Media and Communications Studies.,

All new programs received by HESLB shall be included into the above-mentioned categories respectively.


Means Testing System: Means Testing (MT) will be used to determine applicants’ neediness for loan allocation based on tuition fee paid in CSEE, ACSEE and/or equivalent qualifications including diplomas.

Loan Items and Maximum Amounts

Successful applicants will be financed a maximum amount equivalent to established neediness. The established maximum lump sum will be distributed in the loan items as per the following sequence; Meals and Accommodation (MA), Tuition Fee (TF), Books and Stationery Expenses (BS), Special Faculty Requirements (SFR), Research Expenses (RES) and finally Field Practical Training (FPT).

HESLB may provide loans to cover all or some of the following items:-

Meals and Accommodation(MA)

MA maximum amount will be calculated at TZS. 10,000.00 per day during on campus training as per HEIs almanac for respective academic year.

Tuition fee rates

The maximum tuition fee of TZS 3,100,000.00 per annum based on the comparable rates charged by public institution.

Books and stationery expenses

A maximum of TZS 200,000.00 per annum for Books and Stationery may be granted to eligible and needy students


Subject to Means Testing results, applicant may be availed with Special Faculty Requirement (SFR) loans up to 100% but only for study programmes that require special faculty requirement items and only for specified items as approved by TCU/NACTVET based on the rates comparable to public institutions.

Upon request, eligible and needy students with disability may be considered for additional loan to carter for assistance and special academic material requirements as may be determined by HESLB.

Field practical training/TeachingPractical(FPT)

Field Practical Training/Teaching Practical (FPT) loans at the rate of TZS 10,000.00 per day up to a maximum of 56 days in a year.

HESLB may provide such loans for those programmes that require Field Practical Training (FPT) as recommended by the respective Higher Education Institutions and approved by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) and the National Council for Technical and Vocational Educational Training (NACTVET).

Research Expenses

HESLB may provide 100% loans for Research expenses in selected fields only, based on the rates applicable at public institutions and as may be endorsed by either TCU or NACTVET. These fields include:-

  •   Health Sciences
  •   Engineering
  •   Agriculture
  •   Land Sciences
  •   Other eligible undergraduate programmes may be given Research

    loans to the tune of TZS 100,000.00 in their final year of study.

Bofya Hapa Kutuma maombi ya Mkopo


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