2 Job post at Itigi District Council _ July 2023


Job post at Itigi District Council. Itigi District Council was established on 25/09/2015 by Government Announcement (GN.No. 433B) of 2015, This Council was divided from the Mother Council of Manyoni.

The decision to establish this Council was based on the Manyoni District Council being too large and thus affecting the provision of services to the people and thus it was important to divide it in order to move the services of the people closer.

Itigi District Council has one Constituency which is Manyoni West, One Division, 13 Wards, 39 villages and 175 townships. The main economic activities of the people are the cultivation of food crops and trade, raising cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, beekeeping, mining of Gypsum. A large part of Itigi District Council is the Kizigo/Muhesi/Rungwa Game Reserve where Tourist hunting takes place.

In terms of borders, on the East side it is bordered by Manyoni District Council, on the West by Sikonge and Uyui District Council, on the North by Ikungi District Council and on the South by Chunya, Mbeya Region.

Job post at Itigi District Council

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