4 Job post at Mkalama District Council _ July 2023



Job post at Mkalama District Council. Mkalama District Council was established in July, 2012. This is one of the newly established councils which are in line with the Government commitment of ensuring that provision of goods and services is brought closer to the beneficiaries, i.e. local people. Mkalama District Council was therefore born after having divided the former Iramba District Council into two independent Councils namely Mkalama and Iramba District Councils.

Mkalama District Council is one among six councils forming Singida Region namely Singida District Council, Manyoni District Council and Singida Municipal Council, Iramba District Council and Ikungi District Council. Mkalama is situated in the North of the region between latitudes 4o and 4.30o south of the Equator and longitudes 34o and 35o east of Greenwich Meridian.

The district is divided into three major zones, the eastern low land and the central – lowlands. The central zone is covered with hills and plateau with an altitude of 1,000m to 1,500m above sea level, with sandy loam soils. The eastern zone comprises at lowlands along the Great Rift Valley with scattered hills with red, black and sandy loam soils. It mounts an altitude of 1,000m to 1,500m above sea level. Mkalama District Council covers an area of 3,365.51\ square Kilometers of which 44% is arable land.

4 Job post at Mkalama District Council

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