Names Called for Interview BRELA  _ July 2023


Names Called for Interview BRELA . The Secretary of the Public Service Employment Secretariat on behalf of the Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) would like to inform all Job Applicants who applied for a job that the interview is expected to be conducted from 2023-07-26 to 2023-07-27 and finally to assign job centers to the job applicants who pass the interview. The interviewees who are called to the interview should follow the following instructions:-

i. The interview will be held from the date as shown in this announcement, the time and place where the interview will be held is specified for each Cadre.
ii. Each interviewee must arrive at the interview area wearing a Mask iii. Each Interviewee should have identification for identification;
iv. Acceptable IDs include:- Resident ID, Voter ID, Employment ID, Citizenship ID or Passport.

Names Called for Interview BRELA 

Open the attached PDF File below

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