Maombi ya kujiunga na vyuo vya ualimu diploma 2023/2024 (For form six). The Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is announcing teacher training positions for the Secondary Teaching Diploma level. Applicants for this training are graduates of Form SIX with Divion Three (I-III). The Ministry invites applications to join the teaching training in Government and non-Government Colleges based on the qualifications specified in this announcement.

Maombi Ya Kujiunga Na Vyuo Vya Ualimu Diploma

Maombi ya kujiunga na vyuo vya ualimu diploma

Sifa za kujiunga na Vyuo vya ualimu kwa form six

The general qualifications for joining Teaching Training Courses for the Secondary Education Teaching Diploma level are Sixth Form graduates with grades I-III at the “Principal Pass” level of two (02) subjects taught in secondary schools form I-IV. In addition, for applicants who one of the two “Principal Pass” is the subject of Economics, they can apply for courses in the fields of Sports (Physical Education and sports), Music, Fine Arts, and Performing Arts (Theatre) and Performing Arts).

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How to Apply

  • This announcement applies to all sixth form graduates.
  • Applicants for Teacher Training in Government Teaching Colleges are required to register and apply electronically through the website (
  • Applicants for Teacher Training for non-Government colleges should send their applications directly to the colleges they want to study and the respective colleges should submit the qualifications of the applicants to the Tanzania Examinations Council for review.
  • Applicants for teaching training in Government Colleges will choose up to three (03) specializations starting with the one they like the most
  • Applicants for on-the-job training positions should have completed Teacher training at the Certificate, Diploma or Degree level.
  • In-service teachers will have to attach a letter of permission from their employers;
  • Answers for those who will be selected to join the Teacher Training will be provided through the “account” used by the applicant to apply for Teacher Training, on the website of the Ministry of
  • Education, Science and Technology and in the Teacher Training Colleges they were selected for (from 05/08/2023).
  • Letters and forms to join the Training will be issued through the website of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology ( and the College to which the applicant will be assigned using his address. All applicants are advised to write their full address, email address and telephone number available for further communication.
  • The deadline for sending applications for Teacher Training is 31/07/2023.



Avatar Of Gaitan Cosmizian
Gaitan cosmizian August 2, 2023 - 12:17 am

Nahtaj kutuma maombi ila nimechekewa cku zimekua chache nifanye nin, Ili niweze kutuma.

Avatar Of Catherine Shangai
Catherine Shangai September 30, 2023 - 2:34 pm

Nahitaji kujiunga na chuo cha Morogoro au Tanga na dirisha la maombi limefungwa naweza kufuata utaratibu upi ili kuwahi usajili ujao


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