6 Job vacancies at Handeni District Council  _ July 2023


Job vacancies at Handeni District Council. Handeni District Council is located in the south of Tanga region at latitude 40 9′ – 60 0′ south of the Equator and longitude 360 8′ – 380 5′ east of “Greenwich”. On the East side, Handeni District is bordered by Pangani and Muheza Districts, on the North side by Korogwe and Simanjiro Districts, on the West side by Kilindi District and on the South side by Bagamoyo District.

Handeni District Council has an area of 6,453 Square Kilometers (Ha.637,925.15). This area is equal to 23.59 percent of the entire area of Tanga Region

Job vacancies at Handeni District Council 

The Director of the Handeni-Tanga Town Council through One-Year Temporary Employment permits Vene Ref. And. FA. 170/369/01 “B” /164 dated September 15, 2022 and Ref. FA.97/228/02″A”/58 dated May 9, 2023 issued by the Secretary General Office of the President Public Service Management and Good Governance.

He is announcing One Year Contract jobs for Tanzanians with qualifications and skills to fill the following positions:-

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