Laboratory & Supply Chain Officers at MDH Tabora _ August 2023


Job Title: Laboratory & Supply Chain Officers at MDH Tabora (2Posts)

  • Location: Tabora
  • Reports to: Facility In-Charge

Job Summary: Laboratory & Supply Chain Officer will be responsible for ensuring that MDH supported and non- supported health facilities meets national standard for related medicines and commodity supply chain management in council by acting as early system warning on 3 key health Logistic systems of Ministry of health Tanzania (Lab, ILS, & TB logistics systems).

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Providing strategic, technical and operational support to the day-to-day Logistic activities and capable of identifying potential breakdown in 3 logistics systems and taking corrective actions to avoid service interruption.
  2. EnsuringuninterruptedLabsupplyofcommodities,bycoachingandprovidingMentorship to health facility staff on Lab & TB commodities management practices, record keeping, reporting and ordering (R&R) so that consistent availability of Laboratory Reagents and supplies at health facility level are in place.
  3. Providing TA to districts teams to ensure MDH supported and non-supported sites/districts meet national standards.
  4. 4. Facilitating trainings on good practice in health commodities Logistics systems.
  5. 5. Ensuring no stock out of Lab and HIV/AIDS commodities is reported to HFs in collaboration with DLT Lab manager by:
  •   Reviewing all R&R sent through eLMIS, reviewing annual forecasting and budgeting of needs in HIV/AIDS non-HIV/AIDS commodities including lab commodities during CCHP’s.
  •   Ensuring all HIV related commodities including lab reagent and consumables are adequately stocked at HFs and assist in redistribution of products when necessary
  •   Providing technical assistance to HFs in collaboration with DLTs in forecasting and ordering of Lab commodities from the MSD.
  •   Keeping track of commodity flow from MSD store and facilities and continuously update.
  •   Providing TA to districts/sites to maintain the inventory of laboratory commodities and reagents that are present at both storage facilities and all MDH supported site Labs.
  •   Conducting quarterly logistics data quality assessments (LDQA’s) at least 10 sites per

    district to ensure that all supplies including medicines and laboratory reagents reach intended beneficiaries.

  1. Following up collection of monthly information about the stock at all MDH supported sites/districts, and share with respective key stakeholders
  2. Actively performing supportive supervisions to MDH supported and non-supported HF’s in the region and use these supervisions to strengthen their capacity on issues related to supply chain management.
  3. Performing any other duty as assigned by the supervisor.

Requirements, Education, work experience and skills

  1. At least a Degree in Medical Laboratory, Pharmacy or related field.
  2. Experience in Logistic and Supply Chain systems in Tanzania will be an added advantage.
  3. Minimumoftwoyears’experienceofworkingintheHIVdrugresistancelaboratoryand supply chain settings.
  4. Ability to communicate fluently in English and Kiswahili (both verbal and written).
  5. Ability to work both individually and as part of a team with minimal supervision

Interested candidates for any of the above positions should SUBMIT THEIR APPLICATION LETTERS, CVs and COPIES OF THEIR CERTIFICATES MDH TABORA OFFICE.
MDH DO NOT have any agents and DO NOT charge any fees to the interested candidates.

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