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Material control  (23 Positions)

Department: Procurement


Company: China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Tanzania (CPP)


  • Responsible for the receipt, dispatch, storage, statistics, accounting, safety, loading and unloading, and outsourcing management of engineering installation materials.
  • Collaborate effectively with the warehouse manager to ensure smooth operations.
  • Manage the actual receipt, dispatch, storage, and maintenance of engineering installation materials. In terms of material and equipment receipt management, oversee the reception, counting, and inspection of incoming materials.
  • Ensure that materials are stored in accordance with warehouse standards and update material tags and storage locations.
  • Promptly report to the materials supervisor for updates.
  • Manage material and equipment storage by performing maintenance every three months and adhering to material storage requirements for various items.
  • Uninspected materials should be stored in a designated area until inspection is completed.
  • Report non-compliant materials after quality checks and place them in the designated area for further handling.
  • Conduct regular monthly material inventory to ensure accurate stock levels. Additionally, complete tasks assigned by leadership.
  • In terms of material and equipment management, supervise the inspection and receipt of incoming materials, and promptly collect various quality assurance documents.
  • Report material acceptance to the client and quality department and verify material deliveries against contract terms.
  • Monitor material dispatch and review material requisitions from construction units.
  • Confirm that materials have passed quality inspections and organize the return of non-compliant materials.
  • Develop material storage plans and regularly conduct maintenance and inventory of materials and equipment.
  • Manage daily reporting for steel pipes and material equipment.
  • Responsible for operating and maintaining the material warehousing management system.
  • Collect various quality assurance documents, contracts, reports, and client-signed material and equipment acceptance reports. Timely submit various forms, including ESD reports.
  • Oversee safety during loading and unloading operations.
  • Supervise on-site loading and unloading activities, review lifting plans, and regularly inspect machinery and loading/unloading tools for integrity.
  • Conduct regular meetings with safety officers and permit officers to develop contingency plans and mitigate production risks.
  • Responsible for supervising the development of security measures for access control.
  • Review and approve warehouse access permits and establish relevant regulations and processes to reduce the risk of material and equipment loss.
  • In terms of warehouse management, assist the warehouse manager in organizing various material and safety meetings.
  • Support the warehouse manager in conducting comprehensive safety inspections of the warehouse, including checking instruments, safety facilities, and reporting and replacing any expired or damaged items.
  • Assist in organizing regular maintenance for vehicles, machinery, and lifting equipment.
  • Complete other tasks as assigned by leadership.

On Duty Time: 10/10/2023

How to Apply:

SEND YOUR CV: – Before 21st October 2023 at 18:00 hours.


Your CV and the EMAIL SUBJECT should be titled with your NAME and the POSITION that you are applying for. NON-COMPLIANCE with the given instructions will result in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.

Only the candidates that pass the screening process shall be contacted.

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