SEAB PSLE Results 2023-2024, SEAB PSLE Results 2023, psle result release date 2023

The SEAB PSLE (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board Primary School Leaving Examination) results play a crucial role in the educational journey of every primary school student in Singapore. This annual national examination is taken by candidates at the end of their final year of primary education. The results provide valuable information about the academic performance and capabilities of students.

SEAB PSLE Results 2023-2024

Release of PSLE results

The 2023 PSLE results will be released on Wednesday, 22 November 2023.

After release of PSLE results

If your child had participated in the Direct School Admission for Secondary Schools (DSA-Sec), they will receive their school allocation results together with their PSLE results.

Your child’s DSA-Sec allocation results will be released along with the PSLE results on Wednesday, 22 November 2023. Collect the results at your child’s primary school.

If your child is not studying in a mainstream primary school, you will receive the DSA-Sec allocation results via email on Wednesday, 22 November 2023.

There are 2 possible allocation outcomes: successful or unsuccessful.

Allocation outcomes

If your child is admitted to a secondary school through DSA-Sec, they are not allowed to submit school choices during the S1 posting process.

However, they may still be eligible to submit:

  • Posting Group option
  • Third Language options

Your child will receive an Eligibility Letter enclosed with their PSLE results if this applies to your child. You must submit these options by the last day of S1 school choice submission period.

  • The Posting Group and Third Language options should be submitted during the S1 school choice submission period via the S1 Internet System or through your child’s primary school.
  • If no options are submitted, your child will be enrolled into the Posting Group that offers more academically-demanding subjects at the start of S1 or considered to have opted out of Third Language in secondary school.

What to do if the outcome is unsuccessful

If your child is not admitted to a secondary school through DSA-Sec, they must participate in the S1 posting process.

You should submit your child’s secondary school choices by the last day of S1 school choice submission period. You may still opt for the schools that your child has applied to during the DSA-Sec, except for specialised independent schools.

If you do not submit any school choices, your child will be posted to a school with remaining vacancies, based on your child’s PSLE score and registered address. As such, you should keep your address updated with your child’s primary school by the end of October.

If your child did not participate in DSA-Sec, or was unsuccessful in their application, they must participate in the S1 posting process. Learn how to submit school choices.

Preparation for new school term

Different schools have different instructions for their new students. Check the school’s website for information to help prepare your child for the new school term such as:

  • Reporting details when school reopens in January.
  • Familiarisation activities.
  • Purchase of new uniforms and textbooks.

Help your child to understand the common challenges

Some of the challenges faced by students entering secondary school include:

  • New school environment
  • New friends
  • New syllabus
  • New phase of life

Your child has spent the last 6 years getting used to their primary school, and now they’ll be going to a new school. Moreover, many of your child’s primary school friends may be posted to different secondary schools.

Meeting new people can be difficult, but it’s also an opportunity for them to form new, long-lasting friendships.

Your child will also be learning new subjects, including biology, chemistry, physics, geography and history. There will also be more subject choices, especially in upper secondary.

In this phase of school, your child will enter their teenage years and go through physical, emotional and mental changes. They will also begin to explore the different pathways available for them to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

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