Matokeo ya darasa la saba 2023/24, ( matokeo ya darasa la saba 2023/2024, NECTA news 2023, matokeo darasa la saba 2023/2024.

Matokeo Ya Darasa La Saba 2023

Matokeo ya Darasa la Saba 2023

The National Examination Council (Necta) has announced the results of the seventh grade examination held on September 13-14, 2023.

The results have been announced today, Thursday November 23, 2023 by the Executive Secretary of Necta, Dr Said Mohammed.

According to Dr. Mohammed, 360 students who had health problems and failed to do all the exams or a large number of subjects, will repeat it again in 2024 while announcing to cancel the results of 31 students for cheating.

Matokeo ya darasa la saba 2023/24

The Tanzania Examinations Council (NECTA) today Thursday announced the results of the seventh grade exam held on 13-14 September this year. Our Reporter reports, Dar es Salaam … (continue).

In these results, a total of 1,092,960 candidates equal to 80.58 percent of the 1,356,296 candidates with the results of the 2023 Primary Education Completion Examination have succeeded where they have obtained grades A, B, and C.

Announcing the results, the Executive Secretary of NECTA, Dr. Said Mohamed has said that he has canceled the results of 31 students for cheating.

He also said that 360 students who had health problems and failed to do all the exams or a large number of subjects will repeat it again in 2024.

Check Here Video below Matokeo ya darasa la saba 2023/2024 announced today November 23, 2023

A total of 1,092,960 candidates equal to 80.58 percent of candidates 1,356,296 with the results of the 2023 Primary Education Completion Examination they have succeeded where they have got grades A, B, and C. Boys those who passed are 507,920 equal to 80.59 percent and Girls who passed are
585,040 equal to 80.58 percent.

In 2022 the successful candidates they were 1,073,402 equal to 79.62 percent. So, overall success
has increased by 0.96 percent. In terms of performance, most candidates have obtained B and C grades
where grade B is 314,646 candidates (23.20%), grade C is 724,371 candidates (53.41%). In addition, 53,943 candidates (3.98%) they got an A grade.

Screenshot 2023 11 24 At 04.06.22

The quality of pass for Girls has increased significantly to 80.58 percent compared to 78.91 percent in 2022 where the increase in grade A is 0.13 percent, grade B is 0.96 percent and grade C is 0.57 percent.

The pass rate for Boys has increased to 80.59 percent compared to 80.41 percent in 2022 where the increase in grade A is 0.42 percent and grade B is 0.58 percent. In addition, grade C performance has dropped by 0.83 percent. In general, the performance of Boys and Girls is similar where Boys have passed with 80.59 percent and Girls have passed with 80.58 percent.

Matokeo ya darasa la saba 2023/24

Use the Links below to check Matokeo ya darasa la saba 2023/24 download, and Check out the results Below




























The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) is Government Institution which was established by the Parliamentary Act No. 21 of 1973. NECTA is responsible for the administration of all National Examinations in Tanzania. The decision to establish NECTA was a follow-up of an earlier move, in April 1971, when Tanzania Mainland pulled out of the East African Examinations Council (EAEC) to conduct her own examinations. Zanzibar pulled out of EAEC in 1970. Before the pull out, between 1968 and 1971, Tanzania sat for foreign Secondary School Examinations conducted jointly by the East African Syndicate, which before then were conducted by the Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate alone.

Matokeo ya darasa la saba 2022/23, Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), This is a selection test which enables the government to select form one entrants for its schools. Students who get selected and those who are not, receive certificates. PSLE is administered in the second week of September every year. The objectives of PSLE are to assess learner’s skills and knowledge gained in the different subjects at primary school level; to assess learners understanding of the basic skills and abilities in reading, writing and arithmetic and the extent that they can use such skills in solving pertinent problems in life; and identify learners with the capacity to continue with secondary education and other training institutions.

Eligibility of Candidates who Seat for the Examination, Any pupil who have completed standard seven in both government and private schools can be registered and sit for this examination. The examined subjects at PSLE are Hisabati (Mathematics), English Language, Sayansi (Science), Maarifa ya Jamii (Social Studies) and Kiswahili.

Where To get Matokeo ya darasa la saba 2023/24

NECTA Standard seven Results 2023 are expected to be Announced soon. The NECTA is planning to release results in December 2023. The evaluation process is going on and it is almost completed. Over hundreds of students appear for this exam and now all parents and students are waiting for NECTA Darasa la saba 2022 or Standard seven Results 2022. NECTA copies are almost checked and will verify before publishing the result online on website at

How To Get Standard Seven Results 2022/ Matokeo Darasa la Saba 2023/2024

To get Standard seven NECTA results online pass through the following below steps

  • Visits official website of NECTA
  • After accessing NECTA website click menu button on top menu or bar
  • click results then PLSE
  • You will see all years Results
  • Or after visiting NECTA website you will see Announcement of releasing NECTA PLSE Examinations Results
  • Open announcement “Matokeo ya darasa la saba 2022/23” to see all Examinations Results of each region
  • Open region to choose District and school where you want to view Results particular students.

Click here Now to check Matokeo ya darasa la saba 2022/23

Big Results Now

The Government of Tanzania has decided to prioritise the available resources to strategic sectors so as to realise the Big Results Now (BRN). The Education Sector is among the six prioritised sectors, which has developed 9 key initiatives to improve the quality of basic education and thereby increasing the pass rates in Primary and Secondary Schools. The Official School Ranking as per examination results according to the performance and improvement is among the 9 initiatives. In this ranking, schools are classified into bands of three major groups namely Green, Yellow and Red representing High, Medium and Low performing schools respectively. The schools’ information will bring community awareness and engagement as well as improve transparency and accountability.

Check Here BRN

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