Connection ya Giggy money, Connection ya gigy money twitter, Giggy money connection, Bongo Fleva  artist Gigy money has raised confusion on social networks after his video of emptiness was leaked on social networks yesterday. The video, which has spread on various networks, has created a buzz on all social networks after it was recorded by someone who Mange Kimambi says was with the artist.

Connection Ya Giggy Money

Connection ya Giggy money

What does Mange Kimambi say Connection ya Giggy money,

Mange kimba say this, “Stop playing tricks, you blamers. The brother who recorded those videos lives here in the United States and knows the rules of private recording. No one who didn’t know he was being recorded by In that video Giggy tells the guy I’m going to trust you, I want to trust you about selling it. That’s why that brother is not hiding in those videos anymore, that video in which he adjusts the lighting of the camera Amber is sitting right there in the room…. Yani has left his face because he knows that he has not broken the law of the country he lives in.

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Maybe if they thought he was going to sell them in Morocco and not the domestic market. After the Uwoya issue, I decided not to post any video of someone being recorded without their consent.

This guy Chuma Cha Chuma until he has the audio of Giggy tells him don’t show to everyone. The guy protected himself by making sure they were recording while acknowledging that they knew he was recording…. That is, cover every angle…

By the way, content like this is usually avoided because I know it contains words, but let’s stop it, at the time of connection, weren’t they just being released for free in the groups? This connection would have been a leak too, Mange Kimambi app would not have been there or if it had not been there it would have been left because the person who recorded them is known all over Burundi for those things…

Maybe if someone just doesn’t like my Mange, they leave it and it is not left for free in the group, but it is not left because this would just be left.”

Connection ya gigy money twitter

Various pages of the twitter network have posted the video which has been found to be unethical, thus creating a big discussion on the networks.

Connection ya Gigy money 

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