The IFM Online Application System 2021/2022


The IFM Online Application System 2021/2022

The IFM Online Application System 2021/2022 is used to accept students who want to apply the following application standards: –

IFM Online Application System 2021/2022, IFM Selection 2021/2022, Log in to IFM Online Application System. Applications are now open for candidates to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programs for the academic year 2021/2022.

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The IFM on-line Application System 2021/2022

The IFM on-line Application System 2021/2022 is employed to simply accept students World Health Organization need to use the subsequent application standards: –

IFM on-line Application System 2021/2022, IFM choice 2021/2022, Log in to IFM on-line Application System. Applications square measure currently open for candidates to use for college boy and postgraduate programs for the tutorial year 2021/2022.

The Institute provides an internet application system to facilitate swish application and admission processes. The admission method is predicated on the Institutes entry criteria, the admission criteria treat all candidates fairly associatedon’t discriminate an someone basing on legal statusphysiological condition and or parental standing, gender, age, race (including color, social origin, position, or ethnic origin), faith belief, political affiliation, incapacity or the other standing.

Each someone is assessed basing on the data equipped via application system and different necessary supporting documents. The admission call is created on the benefit and skill of associate someone to satisfy the tutorial criteria of every relevant programme of study one has applied for.

The burden of proof for credibility of documents submitted throughout applications method lies on the someone. The Institute reserves the proper at any time before or throughout the progress of the programme to revoke the admission and or registration standing ought to it’s found that the someone used false documents or doesn’t meet the Institutes criteria for admission.

Important: make certain you scan and perceive the appliance entry criteria before tries to use.

Help Desk:
Dar metal Salaam: +255-734-205030 / +255-734-205029 / +255-734-205028 Mwanza: +255-734-205026 Dodoma: +255-734-205025


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