The Most Valuable Technology Companies in the World – 2021

Many companies are very rich in the world, here we are not looking at wealth but we are looking at the value of the company because wealth is looked at in many ways, such as income, number of employees etc.
In this list are the largest companies and are known as technologists.
1. Apple Inc
2. Microsoft
3. Amazon Inc
4. Alphabet Inc (Google Owner)
5. Facebook


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Apple Logo

Annual Income: $ 274 bln
Staff: 147,000 people
Apple is valued at US $ 2.169 trillion by the market and to this day is the only technology company that is worth more than any other.
Apart from the technology industry there is a period that has been ranked number one in all industries as the leading company to have the highest value.
It is clear that Apple annually generates a profit of billions of dollars and this means that it has more customers and better equipment that they sell to those customers.


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Microsoft Image

Annual Income: $ 143 bln
Staff: 163,000 people
The market says Microsoft is worth $ 1.611 trillion, which is still very high value.
The company is owned by one of the richest people in the world and may be the richest man in the world because he has been on the rich list for a long time (Bill Gates).
The company has many products including operating software, computers and many others that make it high.

Amazon Inc

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Amazon Company Logo
Annual Income: $ 280.5 bln
Staff: 798,000 people
Its market value is $ 1.569 trillion. This is one of the largest companies and its current owner (Jeff Bezoz) is the world’s richest man.
Elsewhere if you look at the five tech companies in this list you will find that Amazon is the leading source of human resources than other companies.
There are some who may say that the company is not very technologically advanced but do not forget that the mother of the company is the job of buying and selling through its network.

Alphabet Inc

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Alphabet Google Companies
Annual Income: $ 161 bln
Staff: 119,000 people
The market offers Alphabet Inc $ 1.171 trillion, remember this company is the owner of Google Inc. is by far the most popular and most visited website in the world.
Apart from the company being famous, it still owns many other companies and also has many peripheral projects that make the company remain one of the richest and most valuable companies.


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Facebook Image

Annual Income: $ 71 bln
Staff: 45,000 people
The market is worth $ 670 billion. Facebook is the most popular social network.
Apart from popularity it still remains the largest and oldest social network. The company has a lot of ways to earn money including selling ads on its website.
These are the richest tech companies in the world, and your layout is in line with the value that these companies have been given by the market.
Also note that these numbers (the amount of money they earn and the value in the market) can fluctuate and rise at any time.
Tell me so far how do you view these companies? who will go down and who will go up? I would like to hear from you, write me below the comment section.
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