Key features of  Samsung Galaxy M32


The Samsung Galaxy M32 is one of the smartest phones in the world that has only recently been given an unofficial version of its features but the time has come to know everything is divisive as the phone has been launched in India.
This phone which is basically full of attractive features is expected to get more customers especially due to what is installed on the respective phones ranging from the quality of the glass, camera, battery capacity, etc. Follow me to understand the features of the Samsung Galaxy M32.

Glass quality | 

The screen of this phone is 6.4 inches in size, it has a very high brightness as well as on the side of the spare part the mother mobile phone is installed Helio G80 SoC described as a powerful device, fast to make things better.

Battery capacity  & Camera

In today’s world of smart phones with low battery capacity your sales will certainly not be good so many companies strive every time a smart phone comes out then it should have a bigger battery. Samsung Galaxy has 6000 mAh, fast charging capacity of 25W. on the front side the camera has 20 MP, on the back there are 4-MP 64 cameras, 8 MP and two have 2 MP.
Galaxy M32
Samsung V-shaped Samsung Galaxy with front camera

Disk Storage | 

The memory feature on smart phones tends to have a unique appeal especially in this modern world. This phone is available in two different versions in the sense that RAM is 4 or 6 GB, disk storage-64/128 GB but it is also possible to store additional memory.


Galaxy M32
Other features are fingerprint technology installed on the phone to turn on / off, running Android 11, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C 2.0, OTG.
July 28th 2021 is when this phone will enter the market where the price is $ 200 (4 / GB 64) | more than Tsh. 430,000 or $ 230 (6/128) | more than Tsh. 529,000 overseas prices and sales from Amazon.
Sources: GSMArena

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