The  2021/2022 Admission Cycle is about to be open! If you aspire to join higher education after high school, or you are looking to return to university to pursue a degree after some years of working, you have several options to consider.

How to choose a degree program 2021

This is your chance to take a big step towards your dream job. With so many select level programs, choosing what to read can be a challenge. Here are some guidelines to help you decide:

Desire and professional and personal preferences

Take the time to think about your professional and personal interests and preferences. Not all programs are suitable for everyone. Here are some questions to ask yourself which degree program you should consider:

  • What field do I enjoy reading?
  • There is no area of ​​concern for me capacity in?
  • What am I doing then
  • University?

Finding a field of study that you enjoy means that you are more likely to get a score when you develop your skills. It is highly recommended that you choose a degree program that suits you. Choose wisely, and avoid pressure from friends, family, or teachers over your choice.

Define your professional goals

Think about what you would like to achieve once you graduate. Ask yourself these questions: What? Want to graduate with a consistent career path? Or would you like to add to it a higher level of pay and job security? Choose a degree plan that matches your professional goals.
key score
When choosing an app, you can consider a field in which you will get high scores that can result in high scores. There are many degree programs out there, so choosing the right one can make a big difference in your entire life.

Consider the professional requirements of the software

Enrollment requirements determine your acceptance opportunities in your preferred application. Pay close attention to the entry requirements for each of your interests.
Seek guidance from the relevant authorities
If you are not able to make any decisions about your profession, you can seek guidance from your teachers and staff from the relevant authorities such as the Higher Education Registration Office, the Tanzania Colleges and Universities Commission (TCU), the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and employers.


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