SAYouth Selected Applicants 2021 | SA Youth Application status

SA youth applications are now closed and schools have received their lists from SA Youth Mobi. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

The closing date was 10 October.

Harambee Youth employment accelerator  seeks demand-side partners (e.g. potential employers) interested in its model, as well as social investors who are aligned to its approach.

Harambee Youth Employment accelerator Login, Harambee  share its learnings and insights on candidates and employers, in relation to bringing young work seekers closer to the labor market.

In 2015, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator committed to scaling up its proven demand-driven model by providing:

(1) job placements/work experiences to 50,000 young people;

(2) demand-driven work-seeker support to 250,000 young people; and

(3) investment in insights and research to transform the labor market.

Specifically, job placements will include 30,000 jobs of one-year in length and 20,000 job experiences of at least three-months in length that are responsive to demand-side dynamics. Work seeker support includes providing youth with an assessment to provide them with a sense of direction, mentoring, guidance on developing a CV and interview preparation, digital citizenship including an email address, and linking and referral to a range of learning and work opportunities. Finally, collaboration with research institutions, universities, think tanks, and youth program partners will continue to influence systemic change in the labor market by building the case for employers to invest in young, first-time work entrants. Ultimately, the commitment will impact the lives of 300,000 South African youth.

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