HESLB Repayment Portal 2021/2022

The Higher Education Students Loans Board (HESLB) is tasked by its establishing Act, under Section 7(i) to recover all the due loans extended for former students since July 1994 so that the same money can be used to lend other students, thus rendering the loans scheme sustainable and ensuring a revolving fund.


Who is HESLB

The Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) is a body corporate established under Act No.9 of 2004 (as amended in 2007, 2014 and 2016) with the objective of assisting needy and eligible Tanzania students to access loans and grants for higher education.

How to repay your Payment in HESLB Repayment Portal

Beneficiary/ Loanee /Employee login

  1. Get Loan Repayment Statement
  2. Repay your Loan
  3. View Your Disbursement
  4. View Your Repayments
  5. View Loan Charges
  6. Visit here to get more Details about Loan Statement

Beneficiary/ Employee Apply for Refund

  1. Non-Beneficiary
    • Normal Non-Beneficiary Claims
    • Non-Beneficiary Claim due to Unretired Funds
    • Deceased Non-Beneficiary Claim
  2. Over-deduction
    • Normal Beneficiary Over-deduction Claims
    • Deceased Beneficiary Over-deduction Claims
  3. Click here to Enter the Portal

Employer/ Company/Organization Login

  1. Submit new Employees
  2. Submit Repayment Schedules
  3. Get Employer Bills
  4. Click here to Enter the Portal

Apply for Loan Here

Heslb Loan Repay

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