Zambia teachers recruitment application form pdf 2022



Zambia teachers recruitment application form pdf. TS form 1 zambia pdf download, STA form 1 pdf download, STA form 1 pdf download, STA form 1 latest.  Minister of Education Douglas Syakalima has announced that the advertisement for the recruitment of a record 30,000 teachers will be placed in the electronic and print media on 5th,6th and 7th April 2022.

In a ministerial statement to parliament on the recruitment of teachers, Mr Syakalima said that Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST). will commence receiving and delivering applications in all districts by 5th April 2022 and conclude delivery by 15th April 2022.


The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) is a government institution which was established in June 1969. The Commission is currently operating under the Constitution (Amendment) Act No.2 of 2016 article 223 and 224 which outlines the mandate as follows:

  1. Constitute offices in the Teaching Service;
  2. Appoint, confirm, promote and hear appeals from officers of the Teaching Service; and
  3. Perform such other functions as prescribed.

STA FORM 1 2022 | Zambia teachers recruitment application form pdf

kindly note that the STA Form 1 that will be used to APPLY for a job as a teacher in the 2022 Teacher Recruitment has been Revised and will be available on TSC and our website here on Tuesday 5th April, 2022. Read Also 2022 teacher recruitment in Zambia Guidelines


Instructions STA Form 1 2022 PDF

  • The form must be completed in 2 copies by all qualified trained teacher from the recognized Universities and Colleges.
  • The application form must be submitted to the DEBS offices
  • Everything must be in CAPITAL letters.
  • Attach certified photocopies of Grade 12 results, College/University and NRC
  • Attach a copy of certificate of registration or proof of Registration from the Teaching
    Council of Zambia
  • Those with special needs must attach relevant documentations

The Teaching Service Commission is Currently Recruiting the 30,142 teachers across the Country. To apply, you can download the Edited 2022 STA Form 1 below.


For more information visit official website

Zambia teachers recruitment application form pdf


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