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Ajira za afya 2022

The Ministry of Health has approved 1650 jobs for cadre specialists various Health Services who will be employed and assigned to work centers which are under the direct operation of the Ministry of Health. This is a fulfillment of the promise made by the Sixth Phase Government headed by Mr. Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of the Republic
of the Union of Tanzania.

Approval of those 1650 vacancies from the Office of the President – SERVICE provides opportunities for professionals of various cadres in delivery centers services under direct operation to the Ministry of Health.

In addition, the cadres that will benefit from these positions include;

  • Madaktari Bingwa (25),
  • Doctors (215),
  • Pharmacists (15),
  • Laboratory Officers (62),
    Technologists (Medicine, Laboratories, Radiation, Eyes-155),
  • Nursing Officers (140),
    Assistant Nursing Officers (467),
  • Nurses (140), Chemists (2),
  • Physicians Oral and Dental Health (15),
  • Dentist (19), Practical Therapists (15),
  • Gymnastics Practitioners (31),
  • Gymnastics Officers (33),
    Environmental Health Officers (40),
  • Health Assistants (134),
  • Equipment Engineers Therapy (17),
  • Medical Equipment Technicians (40)
  • Health Record Keepers (10) and
  • Drivers (4).

Job Requirements (Ajira za afya 2022)

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Selected applicants will be assigned to work locally with a severe shortage of Health Cadre experts, and
there will be no change of work center within years three (3). These areas are as follows; Referral Hospitals
Regions; (1) Kigoma; (2) Katavi; (3) Sumbawanga; (4) Songwe; (5) Njombe; (6) Consent; (7) Mtwara; (8) Lindi; (9) Simiyu; (10) Geita; (11) Shinyanga; (12) Tabora; (13) Singida; (14) Shame; on (15) Mara; Regional, Chato and Mtwara Hospitals, Disease Hospital Infection Kibong’oto with Health Colleges. Thus, applicants be prepared to be arranged in the areas specified above.

ii. Applicants who will not be willing to go to the places mentioned above it is advisable not to submit an application.
iii. Attendees are not allowed to apply for these vacancies.
iv. The applicant will have to select three areas that he or she would like
to be assigned a job if he is elected.
v. Applicant interested in going to teach in Health Colleges specify when to send requests to the system along with mail of prayer.

Those jobs are expected to go to reduce staff shortages due to the Government building new Hospitals as well as developing Health Care Delivery Infrastructure.

General Qualifications for Applicant |SIFA AJIRA YA AFYA 2022

i. Be a citizen of Tanzania.

ii. Must be at least 18 years old and not older than 45 years.
iii. Must not be a Government Employee or Employee of Religious Organizations Hospitals
whose salary is paid to the Government.
iv. An applicant who has been employed by the Government and obtained a check number, will be required
to comply with the procedure for applying for a Return to Public Service and continue to use Check Number after resigning as specified
in Document No. CCB.228 / 271/01 dated August 7, 2012.
v. Applicant should be qualified and professional in accordance with the Development Document Service Number. 1 of 2009 regarding cadres under the Ministry of Health as outlined above.

Mode of Application Ajira za afya 2022

The time to submit this application is within two weeks from the date of departure This announcement (Deadline for submission is 29/04/2022). All applications be submitted through the Ministry’s employment system which is available through the website ajira.moh.go.tz.

All applicants are reminded to be careful when submitting an application make sure you have properly filled all the required components in the system if includes the attachment of all required documents.



Nembo Ta Taifa 34

Ajira za afya 2022


President Of The United Republic Of Tanzania Issued A Notice On Assignment Of Ministerial Responsibilities (Instrument) Vide Government Notice No.144 Of 22nd April, 2016. In That Instrument, The President Has Created A Ministry Of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly And Children Which Is Mandated For Formulation Of

(A) Policies On Health, Community Development, The Elderly Children And Gender And Their Implementation.
(B) Preventive And Curative Services. (C) Chemical Management Services. (D) Medical Laboratory Services.
(E) Medical Research And Nutrition. (F) Food And Drug Quality Services. (G) Medical Supplies. (H) Promotion Of Traditional And Alternative Medicine. (I) Health Services Inspection. (J) Family Planning. (K) International Health And Medical Organizations. (L) Coordination Of NGO Dealing With The Functions Under This Sector. (M) Coordination Of International Organization Under This Sector. (N) Performance Improvement And Development Of Human Resource Service And Their Implementation Under This Ministry. (O) Extre-Ministerial Departments, Parastatal Organization And Projects Under This Ministry.

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