PDF Hotuba ya Bejeti Wizara ya elimu 2022/23/Ministry of Education Tanzania. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is responsible for co-ordinating the provision of education in the country by developing policies, regulations and guidelines from the level of Pre-Primary Education to Higher Education.

Hotuba Ya Bejeti Wizara Ya Elimu 2022

In addition, the Ministry is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the development of science, technology and innovation, as well as its use in various fields including trade, industry, and day-to-day life. The Ministry is also responsible for the conduct of Teacher Education, Higher Education, Vocational Education and Vocational Training. These responsibilities are set out in detail in the Approval issued on May 07, 2021 as follows:

(i) Managing policies for education, research, library services, science, technology, innovation, skills, training development and implementation;

(ii) Promoting Basic Education;

(iii) Certificate of Teacher Training, setting and developing professional teaching standards;

(iv) Managing Vocational Education and Vocational Training;

(v) Supervising the development of Higher Education;

(vi) Identifying and developing talent;

(vii ) Managing Citizens Development Training;

(viii) Managing the National Award System;

(ix) Identifying the National Needs of Knowledge and Development;

(x) Managing School Quality Assurance and Quality Assurance;

(xi) Managing academic publications;

(xii) Promoting the use of science, engineering, technology and mathematics;

(xiii) Development of internal expertise in science, technology and innovation;

(xiv) Development of UNESCO National Commission; research and development in Science and Technology;

(xvi) Strengthening the performance and development of human resources under the Ministry; and

(xvii) Coordinate departments, agencies, agencies, programs and projects under the Ministry.

PDF Hotuba ya Bejeti Wizara ya elimu 2022/23/Ministry of Education Tanzania

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