Zamstats Census Aptitude Test 2022 to be conducted August 3, 2022


Zamstats Census Aptitude Test 2022, Zamstats previous aptitude test. Zamstats census aptitude test 202 the Zambia Statistics Agency – ZAMSTATs- says the date for aptitude tests is Wednesday, 3rd August, 2022 and not on Tuesday 2nd August, 2022 as earlier announced. Interim Statistician General MULENGA MUSEPA says it has received overwhelming response for the temporal Census Jobs.

Zamstats Census Aptitude Test 202
Zamstats Census Aptitude Test 202

Zamstats Census Aptitude Test 2022

Zamstats Census Aptitude Test 2022, Mr. MUSEPA says the Agency is putting necessary measures and preparations for the aptitude tests in collaboration with the provincial and district census committees.

He says applicants, who may have received SMS referring them to a recruitment centre and district outside the constituency where they applied, are advised to go to a recruitment centre in their district of residence they applied to.

Mr. MUSEPA says the trainings for Enumerators and Supervisors will be combined and selection of Supervisors will be done during training based on merit through assessments.

He says participants, who perform exceptionally well and demonstrate thorough understanding of the census content and procedures, will be selected to take up the role of Supervisors.

Documents Required for Zamstats Census Aptitude Test 2022

  • Original National Registration Card
  • Original or Copies of grade 12 Certificate

The Zambia Aptitude Test is a national exam that is designed to assess the candidates’ ability to solve various problems. The exam aims to evaluate the candidates’ logical reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills and how they would perform in various academic environments.

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