Bei ya petrol leo August 2022


Bei ya petrol leo August 2022, Bei ya petrol Tanzania leo, Bei mpya ya mafuta ya petrol, Bei ya mafuta ya diesel leo. The Energy and Water Services Regulatory Authority (EWURA) has announced the price limit for petroleum products in this country, these prices will come into effect from Wednesday, August 03, 2022. Bei mpya ya mafuta ya petrol

EWURA has said “Oil prices in the world market have continued to increase, causing the prices of oil in the local market to increase as well. In order to reduce the effects of the increase in the domestic market, the Government has provided a subsidy of 100 billion for fuel prices in this country for August 2022. The Government, by providing the subsidy, has reduced the prices of fuel products for August 2022.

Bei ya petrol leo August 2022
Bei ya petrol leo August 2022
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Retail fuel prices starting tomorrow, August 3, 2022, for Dar es Salaam Region, Petrol will be sold for 3,410 shillings, Diesel for 3,322 and kerosene for 3,765 shillings, Tanga Petrol will be sold for 3,435 and Diesel for 3,349.

The information was released today, Tuesday August 2, 2022 by the Energy and Water Regulatory Authority (EWURA) and said that petrol in Mtwara region will be sold at 3,393 per liter and diesel will be sold at 3,351 per liter, while the price of petrol in Arusha is 3,492 per liter and diesel is shillings 3,406.

Bei ya petrol leo August 2022 & Diesel

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  1. Tanzania photographic safari says

    Bei ya mafuta inafanya uendeshaji wa kazi za utalii kuwa ghali zaidi mwa ka huu, tuombe mungu bei zishuke jamani.

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