Simba day 2022 | Live Updates From Benjamin Mkapa Stadium


Simba day 2022, simba day 2022/23,Simba vs St George, Simba Week 2022. Simba day 2022 | Simba sports club have officially launched schedule for the whole week leading up to the International Simba Day Festival which will be held on August 8 at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.

Simba day 2022
Simba day 2022

Simba opponents St. George from Ethiopia, wchich will play an international friendly game at the peak of Simba Day, have arrived in Dar es Salaam with a caravan of 45 people.

The 29-time champions of Ethiopia have arrived at the Sea Cape Mbezi Beach Hotel where they will do their final training at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium before the match on Monday.

Simba Sports Club invited St. George at simba day festival this year as their abilities and will give them a good test going into next season. Every year simba sports Club  had a procedure to invite the best team to the summit of Simba Day to test their team.

Kikosi cha St. George from Ethiopia

Simba day 2022

Speaking at the opening of Simba Day, Simba Spokesman Ahmed Ally said, One week before the peak of Simba Day will have various events of social activities.

Simba vs St George August 8, 2022 | Match Day Monday

  • Tomorrow August we will have an activity to sign the contract with the main sponsor M-BET.
  • On Tuesday we will have a cleaning exercise for various institutions across the country.
  • Wednesday will be a blood donation exercise across the country
  • Friday we are going to visit Children’s Prisons all over the country.
  • On Saturday the players will be given a seminar on various social issues.
  • Sunday Prayer.

The entrances to Festival will be as follows

  • Round Sh. 5000
  • Orange Seats Sh. 10,000
  • VIP B and C Rs. 20,000
  • VIP A Sh. 30,000
  • Platinum Sh. 200,000

“The chief executive of the club Barbara Gonzalez has made it clear that we will return all the titles we lost last season due to the preparations we are making.

Barbara has said that our goals are to return the championship of the NBC league, Azam Sports Federation Cup and reach the Semi-Finals of the African Champions Club Championship.

Barbara added that this season we don’t ski anymore, we are organized inside and outside the field and there will be nothing to hold us back.

“This time there is no slipping again, we have planned to ensure that we bring back all the titles, starting from the Premier League, FA and reaching the Semi-Finals of the African Champions Club,” said Barbara.

“The Chairman of the Lions Club on the Members’ side, Murtza Mangungu has said that we have not yet finished registering new players in our squad.

Mangungu said this week we will introduce other players who will shake the country and the attraction at the summit of Simba Day on August 8.

Mangungu has said that the launch of our best jerseys for this season that are free of scratches will be launched this week.

“Just tell me a secret that we have not finished the registration, there are some metals that have not yet been identified. This season we have organized ourselves and my fellow Encoders are doing very well.

“The best jersey will be launched this week. It does not have cracks or museums. It is a jersey that will keep history,” said Mangungu.

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