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Nafasi za kujiunga na JKT 2022/23, 2022, (Wito wa kujiunga na JKT 2022 | Tangazo la kujiunga na JKT 2022, Nafasi za JKT 2022The Nation Building Force exists legally, since when it arrived in 1964, the Parliament enacted the Law for the establishment of JKT and that law gave legal force to the 1963 decision of the Council of Ministers to establish the Force. According to the Law, joining JKT was voluntary. In 1966, the law was amended to establish a procedure for joining JKT in accordance with the Law.

This procedure concerned young people who have graduated from universities, colleges of higher education, sixth form and those who have completed the fourth form who have received training in colleges of various professions such as teaching, medicine, nursing and so on.

The director of JKT was legally empowered to call the young people to join JKT. In July 1967, the first group of 64 young scholars joined JKT in Operation Resolution.

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The Nation Building Army has done a great and good job of building the spirit of nationalism and patriotism among the young people who went through the Army. This is a place where young people of all ideologies, all races, all tribes, all religions meet, live together and do training and work as brothers of the same family.

Nafasi za kujiunga na JKT 2022
Nafasi za kujiunga na JKT 2022

Nafasi za kujiunga na JKT 2022/23

Nafasi za JKT 2022. The National Building Army (JKT) today August 25, 2022 has announced the opportunity for all the youth of Tanzania Mainland and  Zanzibar Islands to join the training of the Army by volunteering for the year 2022.

The Head of the JKT Administration Branch, Brigadier General Hassan Mabena has said that the procedure for young people to apply and finally be selected to join the training is coordinated by the Offices of the Heads of Regions and Districts where the Applicant is from.

In addition, the Army has informed the youth who will get the opportunity that it does not provide employment to the youth and is not involved in finding employment for them.

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Tangazo la nafasi za jkt 2022 pdf

Tangazo la kujiunga na JKT 2022


The restoration of JKT training in accordance with the law was one of the things that was given high priority in the fourth phase of the government of the United Republic of Tanzania under the Commander-in-Chief and President of the United Republic of Tanzania Mr. Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. The government of the fourth phase has brought back JKT training because of the good will to continue building patriotism for the youth of Tanzania. It will be remembered that due to the difficult economic situation the government could not afford to conduct JKT training in accordance. On June 15, 1994 JKT training was temporarily suspended by law.

There is no youth training organization that has exceeded JKT in that work, perhaps even the behavior of many Tanzanians not to ask each other about their tribes is due to the presence of JKT. Young Tanzanian patriots who go through JKT always meet different young people from every corner of our country, that’s why they don’t even have time to ask each other’s tribes because they all see themselves as one.

In addition, the effects of the suspension of JKT training affected many and that is why the fourth phase Government has restored JKT training in accordance with the Law. Finally, on March 26, 2013, JKT training began, including fulfilling the government’s promise to revive the training in the Ruvu camp.

As was the case in 1964 when JKT started and in 1968 after the training in accordance with the Law was established, national leaders took the lead in participating in the training. The JKT training started and there were 22 members of parliament who participated and completed the leadership training. The parliamentarians were dispersed in various camps for the two-month training that they requested themselves to receive training that they believe will build more patriotism for their nation.


  1. Irene erasto munuo says

    I would like join JkT 2022

  2. grenford paul allen says

    My name is grenford paul allen .Am tanzanian by nationality .My hobby is playing football .I would like to join in jkt army if i get this opportunity i will work in every condition .

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  3. Peter Claudy says

    Naitwa peter claud kuhangaika naomb kujiunga naishi morogoro napenda san kujiunga kwa ajir ya inchi yangu

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  4. Maliki amani jitanibu says

    Naomba nafasi ya kujiunga na jeshi lakujenga taifa nimemaliza form four nimepata alama four ya 29 nina miaka kumi na tisa

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      1. Juma says

        Naita juma naishi dar es salaam nataka Sana kujiunga naomba mniunge jaman


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  5. Kazimili deus says

    Naomba kujiunga na mafunzo ya jeshi la kujenga taifa mwaka 2022/23 kama muhitimu wa kidato cha nne 2020

    1. admin says
  6. Saidi miraji makao says

    Naitwa saidi makao natokea daresalam naomba nafasi ya kujiunga na jeshi la vijana kwa kujitolea

  7. Victor masawe says

    Naitwa victor masawe niko arusha naomba kujiunga kwenye mafunzo ya jkt

  8. Theresia Kiyawike says

    Naomba kujiunga na mafunzo la JESHI LA KUJENGA TAIFA( JKT) mwaka 2022/23

  9. Ammar haidary says

    Naitwa Ammar Haidary ni mkazi wa tanga ningependa kujiunga na jkt nmemaliza kidato cha nne mwaka 2021

  10. Janeth yuda daudi says

    Naitwa janeth yuda napenda Sana kuwa mwana jeshi naombeni nafasi ya kujiinga na jkt

  11. Anonymous says

    idd selele nataka kuwa mzalendo kwa taifa langu


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  13. dismas kinyaga says

    naitwa dismas kinyaga ni muhitimu wa kidato cha nne 2021 na nina ufahulu mzur wa kidato cha nne na nina fani ya ufund garage

  14. Baraka isaya lyimo says

    kwa majina naitwa baraka isaya lyimo ni muhitimu wa kidato cha nne mwaka 2022 naomba kujiunga nafasi ya kujiunga na jeshi la kujenga taifa jkt ntashukuru kama ombi langu litakubaliwa kwa namba zangu za simu 0763021807 nina fani ya udereva mbaka vyeti ninavyo na reseni pia ninayo

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