Mishahara ya wachezaji wa simba 2022/2023


Mishahara ya wachezaji wa simba, Wachezaji wanaolipwa mshahara mkubwa simba 2022, Mishahara ya wachezaji wa simba 2022/2023, mshahara wa chama simba 2022. Simba Sports Club is a soccer team headquartered in Msimbazi street, Kariakoo, in the city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania that participates in the Tanzania Mainland Premier League where it was founded in 1936, first called Eagles and later again called Dar Sunderland. In 1971 it changed its name completely and was called, Simba Sport Club (which means Lion in English).

Simba Sports Club is one of the biggest football team in Tanzania, their opponents are called Younɡ Africans. The Simba soccer club is registered in accordance with law number 12 of the national sports council of 1967 as amended in 1971. The current constitution of the Simba team was written in 2018 and approved on May 20, 2018 by the registrar of soccer associations and club, and then registered with the registration, insolvency and guarantee agency (RITA).

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Mishahara ya wachezaji wa simba 2022/2023

Mishahara ya wachezaji wa simba 2022/2023

The table below shows Simba Sc Player Salaries. The figures provided below are based on transfer speculations and rumors from various sources. Simba Sports Club does not publicly disclose its players’ salaries, so their exact earnings are not known. The figures below canprovide a good idea of how much Simba SC footballers earn.

Namba Mchezaji Uraia Mshahara
17 Clatous Chama Zambia 20Mil
22 John Raphael Bocco Tanzania 17Mil
10 Augustine Okrah Ghana 21Mil
28 Aishi Salum Manula Tanzania 14Mil
11 Peter Banda Malawi 6Mil
18 Erasto Nyoni Tanzania 9Mil
Moses Phiri Zambia 15Mil
2 Gadiel Michael Kamagi Tanzania 7Mil
16 Joash Onyango Kenya 9Mil
Mohamed Ouattara Cote d’Ivoire 16Mil
15 Mohamed Hussein Tanzania 10Mil
12 Shomari Kapombe Tanzania 10Mil
20 Jonas Mkude Tanzania 9Mil
13 Sadio Kanouté Mali 16Mil
19 Mzamiru Yassin Tanzania 7Mil
24 Hassan Dilunga Tanzania 5Mil
30 Beno David Kakolanya Tanzania 5Mil
1 Ally Salim Juma Tanzania 10Mil
8 Nelson Okwa Nigeria 17Mil
Henoc Inonga Baka DR Congo 18Mil
26 Kennedy Juma Tanzania 7Mil
10 Pape Ousmane Sakho Senegal 20mIL
Israel Patrick Mwenda Tanzania 4mIL
38 Denis Kibu Tanzania 5Mil
Jimson Stephen Mwanuke Tanzania 3Mil
Habib Kyombo Tanzania 6 Million


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