Mishahara ya wachezaji wa yanga 2022/2023


Mishahara ya wachezaji wa yanga 2022/2023, About Yanga,Mishahara ya wachezaji wa Yanga 2022/23. The Young Africans Sports Club, sometimes known as Yanga Sc, is a Tanzanian football team based in the Dar es Salaam neighborhood of Jangwani. Since 1935, Benjamin Mkapa Stadium has served as the home site for the club’s matches. The club was established in 1935.

Young African Sports Clubs has become champions 28 times in the country and 5 times champions of the Kagame East African Champions Cup. In the community shield, Yanga has beaten Azam FC with a total of 8 goals to 7, almost three times for Azam FC to meet Yanga in the Community Shield and Yanga has beaten Azam in all three matches.

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Mishahara ya wachezaji wa yanga 2022/2023

The figure below shows Yanga Sc Player Salaries. The figures provided below are based on transfer speculations and rumors from various sources.

Mishahara ya wachezaji wa yanga 2022/2023
Mishahara ya wachezaji wa yanga 2022/2023

Young Africa Sports Club does not publicly disclose its players’ salaries, so their exact earnings are not known. The figures below canprovide a good idea of how much Simba SC footballers earn.

Player Nationality Salary Age
Zawadi Milauya Tanzania 5.2Mil 27
Djigui Diarra Milali 7Mil 27
Abuutwalib Milshary Tanzania 2.5Mil 23
Erick Johola Johora Tanzania 1.2Mil 22
Abdallah Shaibu Zanzibar 1.5Mil 23
Bakari MilwaMilnyeto Tanzania 5.1Mil 26
Dickson Job Tanzania 3.4Mil 21
David Bryson Tanzania 1Mil 20
DjuMila Shabani DR Congo 8.1Mil 29
Ally Kibwana ShoMilari Tanzania 1.7Mil 21
Yannick Bangala DR Congo 9Mil 28
Khalid Aucho Uganda 9Mil 29
SaluMil Abubakar SaluMil Tanzania 2.3Mil 33
Gaël BigiriMilana Burundi 6.2Mil 28
Feisal SaluM Tanzania 4Mil 24
SaluMil Telela Tanzania 30
Stephane Aziz Ki Burkina Faso 22.4Mil 26
Denis Nkane Tanzania 1.1Mil 18
Faridi Milussa Tanzania 2.5Mil 26
Dickson AMilbundo Tanzania 1.3Mil 26
Heritier MilakaMilbo DR Congo 10Mil 28
Tuisila Kisinda DR Congo 9.1Mil 22
Bernard Milorrison Ghana 19.2Mil 29
Ducapel Miloloko DR Congo 7Mil 24
Lazarous KaMilbole ZaMilbia 4.1Mil 28
Fiston Milayele DR Congo 16Mil 28


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