Tetesi za Usajili Azam Dirisha dogo 2022/23 | Fei toto Deal done, Tetesi za usajili azam FC 2022/23, Azam FC has planned to make a big signing in this small window by signing talented stars while Yanga’s midfielder, Feisal Salum ‘Fei Toto’ is expected to join the club.

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The small registration window for teams in the Premier League, Championship and First League, has been open since December 16, this year while it is expected to close on January 15, next year.

Acting Information Officer of Azam FC, Hashimu Ibwe, said they have planned to make a big signing in this small window that will surprise everyone and claimed about Fei Toto they are waiting for the committee to see what it will decide.

“Azam in this registration will be very big, the coach has planned to register two or three players with a size that people will not rely on.

“Coach Kali Ongalla has already submitted his report four days ago and it is already in the relevant committee dealing with registration issues, they are trying to analyze if it is to be implemented directly or with a few percentages, we are waiting to see what the committee will decide after receiving it.

Fei Toto, Dickson Job are good players that Azam has been associated with or have been mentioned by other teams, they are all good players that every Premier League team will need to have.

Tetesi za Usajili Azam Dirisha dogo 2022/23

Fei Toto Deal Done

Fei toto has joined Azam FC as a free player after executing a clause in his contract that allowed him to be free if he returned the signing on fee along with three months’ salary, yesterday Fei toto deposited the entire burden into the account of Young Africans Sports Club


Tetesi Za Usajili Azam Dirisha Dogo 2022

Tetesi za Usajili Azam Dirisha dogo 2022

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