Matric results 2023 percentage


Matric results 2023 percentage, matric results 2023 provinces percentage, matric results 2022 provinces percentage, The matric pass rate is the percentage of students who pass the matric (Grade 12) exams in South Africa. Each province has its own pass rate, which is determined by the number of students who pass the exams divided by the total number of students who wrote the exams.

Matric results

Matric results 2023 percentage
Matric results 2023 percentage

Matric results 2023 percentage

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has announced an 80.1 percent matric pass rate for the class of 2022. This is the second highest since 2019. The pass rate was 76.4 percent in 2021.

Basic Education minister Angie Motshekga has again moved to counter the idea in South Africa that the country’s pass mark for the National Senior Certificate is 30%.

The minister this week said that the “30% pass mark” is a myth that gets perpetuated each year, adding that no such single pass mark exists.

In previous years, the department explained that outrage is often expressed over the fact that the lowest possible pass mark per subject is 30% – however, it said that proponents of the narrative ignore that no candidate can obtain a National Senior Certificate if they pass all seven subjects at 30%.

Learners must pass at least three subjects at 40%, it said.

Bachelor’s pass

A bachelor’s pass means you can apply for a degree course at a university or university of technology and can study for a higher certificate, diploma or bachelor’s degree.

To achieve a bachelor’s pass, you must:

  • Pass 6 of 7 subjects
  • At least 50% in four subjects
  • At least 40% in Home Language
  • At least 30% in the Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT)
  • At least 30% for one other subject

It should be noted that even if a student has achieved a bachelor’s pass, they do not automatically qualify for a university position

Diploma pass

A diploma pass requires 40% in four higher credit subjects, 30% in three lower credit subjects, and you may fail one subject.

With this pass, you can enrol for a bridging course at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college or a diploma course at a university of technology.

To receive a diploma pass, a student must:

  • Pass 6 of 7 subjects
  • At least 40% in four subjects
  • At least 40% in Home Language
  • At least 30% in the Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT)

Certificate pass

A certificate pass requires a 40% pass in your home language, 2 subjects above 40%, 4 subjects above 30% and you may fail 1 subject. This pass allows you to study for a higher certificate.

  • Pass 6 out of 7 subjects
  • At least 40% in Home Language
  • At least 40% in two other subjects
  • At least 30% for four other subjects

This gives learners access to different levels of tertiary education and doesn’t rely on one pass mark across the board.


Motshekga’s response comes after former Democratic Alliance leader and current Build One SA leader, Mmusi Maimane, criticised the country’s education system this week, saying that the 30% pass mark was a deception and that candidates should only be granted a matric certificate if they got 50% or higher.

Maimane said that politicians used the low threshold to boost pass rate numbers and, in doing so, avoid accountability.

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