IU university scholarships 2023 online

IU university scholarships 2023 online

IU university scholarships 2023 online, IU international university of applied sciences scholarship 2023. Are you looking for an easy way to reduce your tuition fees, preferably for the entire duration of your studies at IU?

It could not be easier: At IU, we award a total of four scholarships every month to people with particularly inspiring backgrounds. In addition, there are many other support measures available to you, which you can use to help finance your monthly tuition fees. We will briefly introduce you to the various options available.

IU university scholarships 2023 online
IU university scholarships 2023 online
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IU university scholarships 2023 online

Apply for the IU University Germany Online Scholarship 2023 and save money on traveling, accommodation, Meals, Transport, Visa costs, and everything. IU Univeristy offers Bachelors, Masters, and MBA online degree programs and is recognized as one of the best German institutes that offer Distance learning Programs.

  • Host University: Germany
  • Mode of Learning: Online, and in person
  • Degree Level: Bachelor, Masters, MBA

Every month IU University Germany award a total of four 50% scholarships to selected individuals who are not yet enrolled at IU International University of Applied Sciences. With the IU scholarship, support people with disabilities, women in tech, single parents or new beginners who want to follow their very own educational path.

Who can apply for an IU scholarship?

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • MBA Programs
  • IU scholarship for people with disabilities: With a health impairment, you are used to master small or big challenges every day in order to make your dreams come true. We want to encourage this commitment so that you can also encourage others!  
    You can prove that you have a permanent health impairment. In addition, you must submit current proof of your impairment in the form of a medical certificate or a severely disabled person’s ID card.
  • IU scholarship for women in STEM studies: Are you setting out to conquer male-dominated industries with your tech skills? We are fully behind you – through our Women in Tech scholarship! 
    You are applying for one of our Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes in the field of IT & Technology. In addition, you must present your motivation for a technical profession in a written letter of motivation or a video.
  • IU scholarship for single parents: If you are a single parent studying at IU, you deserve more than just respect. Because you are not only concerned about your future, but also about that of your child, we would like to honour this personal achievement by supporting you financially.   
    You are a single parent, have sole or shared custody and your child or children live with you.
  • IU scholarship for new beginners: Do you want to change your career direction or start over completely? Then you have a lot to gain: Because education knows no age – even if BAföG is no longer available! To reward your courage, we award our IU scholarship for new beginners. 
    In a letter of motivation, tell us about the reasons for your new start and the goals you are pursuing. This will help us to better assess why we should support you in particular in this endeavour.

Duration of Degree

  • Bachelor: From 36 months
  • Master/MBA: From 12 months
  • Part-time models available

What documents do I need to successfully apply for an IU scholarship?

  • Curriculum vitae
  • University entrance qualification
  • Transcripts and other supporting documents as a PDF file
  • Written letter of motivation (max. 1 DIN A4 page) or a video (max. 5 minutes)

How can I apply for an IU scholarship?

Send your application by e-mail to stipendium@iu.org. In the subject line, please indicate for which scholarship you are applying. You can send in your application by the end of the month so that it can be considered for the current month.

You can start your application process for your desired degree programme at the same time as you apply for your scholarship. It is important that you only start your studies after you have received feedback from us regarding your scholarship.

Visit the Official website for more information

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