Welder at EACOP Project (Bomba la Mafuta) May, 2023



Welder at EACOP Project

EACOP – Jetty & Loading Out Facility
Employer BESIX Ballast Nedam Limited (BBN)
Work Location Tanga Port
Position Title Welder
Reports To: BBN Ltd. Construction Manager
Employment Duration May 2023 to February 2025
Job Type Full Time


Purpose and scope of assignment.
Welders will be responsible for welding various metal components to AWS or EN 9606-1 standards. The ideal candidate preferred to have a proven track record of welding experience in the oil and gas industry and be able to work in a fast-paced and demanding environment.

Job responsibilities
•Welding components to AWS or EN 9606-1 standards using various welding techniques (e.g. TIG, MIG,
Stick welding) with 6G position.
•Reading and interpreƟng welding blueprints, specificaƟons, and technical drawings to ensure proper
welding techniques and procedures are followed.
•InspecƟng and tesƟng welded joints to ensure they meet quality and safety standards.
•Maintaining a clean and safe work environment by adhering to safety procedures and wearing
appropriate protective equipment.
•Maintaining welding equipment and tools to ensure they are in good working condiƟon.
•CollaboraƟng with other team members and communicaƟng with supervisors to ensure project
deadlines are met.
•DocumenƟng welding procedures and techniques to ensure compliance with industry standards and
•ConƟnuously improving welding skills and knowledge through training and professional development

Job Qualification, Experience and Skills
Applicants should demonstrate the following:
•High school diploma or equivalent.
•CerƟficaƟon in welding to AWS or EN 9606-1 standards.
•At least 5 years of experience in welding in the oil and gas industry.
•Proficient in reading and interpreƟng welding blueprints, specificaƟons, and technical drawings.
•Good communicaƟon skills and ability to work effecƟvely in a team environment.
•Strong aƩenƟon to detail and ability to work under pressure.
•Ability to liŌ heavy objects and work in confined spaces.
•Willingness to work flexible hours and overƟme when necessary.

Apply to:
All applications should be sent by email to (Max. Email & attachment size: 20 MBs
and all attachments to be combined in a single document) on or before 19th May 2023, 17:00.
PLEASE NOTE, if you are not contacted within 2 weeks after this publication, consider your application unsuccessful.


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