www.jkt.go.tz 2023/2024 | Form six jkt selection 2023 PDF check here

www.jkt.go.tz 2023

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www.jkt.go.tz 2023
www.jkt.go.tz 2023

www.jkt.go.tz 2023/2024

www.jkt.go.tz 2023, The National Building Army (JKT) is calling all young people who graduated from the sixth form in 2023, to start reporting from June 11 to 11 this year in the Army’s camps for training in accordance with the law. The move to call all students from Mainland schools who have graduated sixth form this year 2023, has come after improving various infrastructure.

The announcement was made today on May 25, 2023 by the Head of the JKT Administration Branch, Brigadier General Hassan Mabena, while speaking to journalists on behalf of the Chief of Army Staff, Major General Rajabu Mabele.

He said that graduates with visual disabilities have been asked to report at the Ruvu JKT camp located in Mlandizi in the Coast region which has infrastructure to serve the people of that community. In addition to that, the army has asked the young men to come with a dark blue waistcoat with one pocket at the back, a length that ends at the knees with no zipper and others that are meant.

Brigadier General Mabena has mentioned the camps that students are not required to report include JKT Rwamkoma (Mara), JKT Msange -(Tabora), JKT Ruvu (Coast), JKT Mpwapwa, Makutupora JKT (Dodoma), JKT Mafinga (Iringa) and JKT Mlale ( Rumble).

Other camps that the students are required to report are JKT Mgambo, JKT Maramba (Tanga), JKT Makuyuni, Orjolo JKT (Arusha), JKT Bulombora, JKT Kanembe, and JKT Mtabila (Kigoma), JKT Itaka (Songwe), JKT Luwa, Milundikwa – (Rukwa), JKT Nachingwea (Lindi) JKT Kibiti

In addition, JKI invites the travelers to report with the following equipment.

www.jkt.go.tz 2023 mahitaji

www.jkt.go.tz 2023 PDF

The complete list of the names of the young people, the JKT Camps they were assigned to and the locations where the camps are located and the equipment they need to go to the navy, is available on the JKT website which is www.jkt.go.tz

The Head of JKT, Major General Rajabu Mabele, invites all young people who graduated from the sixth form in 2023 to meet with their fellow youth to build patriotism, national unity, to be taught work skills, life skills and readiness to build and To serve their country.

www.jkt.go.tz 2023 kujitolea

The youth of JKT are divided into two groups and they are;

1. Youth Volunteers/kujitolea and

2. Law-Abiding Youth/ Kwa mujibu wa sheria

Youth Volunteers/Kujitolea

These are JKT youths who join JKT for a voluntary contract for a period of not less than two (2) years. Once enrolled, the young people are sent to various JKT camps for education and training.

Law Enforcement Youth / Mujibu

These are the young people who join JKT according to the law. According to the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, they serve JKT for a period of not less than (3) months. Currently, the young people responsible for the law are those students who have completed form six from various schools in mainland Tanzania.

Conditions for young volunteers to join the Nation Building Army.

1. Be a citizen of Tanzania

2. He should be between 18-23 years old

3. He must have completed the seventh grade and continue

4. He should not be married or be married and should not have anyone dependent on him

5. He should be ready to follow all the military laws that will apply to him while he is in the army (escape, theft, drunkenness, smoking marijuana, drugs and getting pregnant, etc.)

6. He should be ready to return home after finishing his contract with the Nation Building Force

7. He should have a good character and conduct

Requirements for a legal youth to join the National Army.

1. Be a citizen of Tanzania

2. He should be between 18-35 years old

3. He should have completed the sixth form and continue

4. He should be ready to follow all the military laws that will apply to him while he is in the army (Bang smoking, drugs and pregnancy will be prosecuted and his contract with JKT will be canceled

5. Absenteeism is not acceptable and the contract will be moved forward in case of absenteeism

6. He should have a good character and conduct

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