Nafasi za Ajira jeshi la polisi 2023 | ajira 2023, nafasi za kazi, Jeshi la Polisi Tanzania.  The Tanzania Police Chief has announced new job opportunities to join the Army
of Tanzania Police.

1. Qualities of Applicants

  • a) Be a citizen of Tanzania by birth.
    b) Must have graduated form four from 2019 to 2022 aged
    from 18 to 25 years.
    c) For the applicants of the fourth form to have the success of the first to the fourth grade
    (Division I – IV). For applicants with a fourth grade (Division IV) pass, have
    achievement of points (Point) 26 to 29.
    d) Those with diploma and diploma level education should be 18 years old up to 29.
    e) Must be at least five feet and five inches (5’5″) in height for men, and five feet two inches (5’2*) for women.
    O Awe has graduated from the National Building Force (JKT) and the National Building Force
    Economy (JKU) located in the Camps and outside the Camps.
    g) Have a national identity card or identity number from the authority of
    national identity cards (NIDA).
    h) He should be in good physical and mental health certified by a Government doctor.
    [) He is not married/married or has a fire.
    j) He must have never used drugs.
    k) He should be ready to attend the initial training of the Police profession.
    1) He is not employed or has never been employed by another Government institution.
    m) Be ready to do Police work anywhere in Tanzanian)
    He should be ready to pay for himself in all stages of the interview in case he is called
    o) He should not have tattoo marks on his body.
    p) He should not have any criminal record.
    q) For applicants with Diploma level education (NTA level 6) and Astashadaha (NTA level 5 or NVA level 3) must have the following fields:-Music (Music and sound production, performing arts, film and TV production), Sewing (Graphics and printing design, leather crafting, sewing machine
    maintenance, sewing operator, sign writing), Carpentry and joinery and Automotive mechanics (Automobile mechanics, Autoelectric engineering & Autobody repairs). ) Applicants who pass the interview will be selected.

Nafasi za Ajira jeshi la polisi 2023

Tangazo La Ajira1

Tangazo La Ajira2


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