Afisa Kilimo Msaidizi Daraja la III at MDA & LGAs – 30 POST


Afisa Kilimo Msaidizi Daraja la III at MDA & LGAs – 30 POST

Employer: MDA & LGAs

Application Deadline: 2023-09-04 2023-09-11


i. Collaborate with farmers to run test farms and class farms;

ii. Visiting farmers/groups of farmers in their fields and providing professional advice on the best and modern methods of commercial agriculture;

iii. To teach and guide farmers on the best use of fertilizers, medicines and agricultural tools;

iv. To collect and maintain statistics on the state of agriculture in the Village;

v. Designing and preparing modern crops storage units and providing education on the correct use of crops;

vi. To provide information on the signs of plant and crop pests;

vii. To prepare and use the agricultural notebook in carrying out his daily duties;

viii. To participate in the process of raising opportunities and obstacles for development (Opportunities and Obstacles for Development (O & OD)) and prepare a village agricultural development plan (Village Agricultural Development Plan (VADP); and

ix. To prepare a monthly implementation report to be submitted to the Ward Extension Officer and a copy to be submitted to the Village Executive Officer.


Employed graduates of the fourth form with a Diploma in Agriculture from colleges recognized by the Government.



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