Ramadhani brothers wins America’s got talent 2024. The head-to-head balancing act duo from Tanzania, which consists of acrobats Fadhili Ramadhani and Ibrahim Jobu, was crowned the winner of “AGT: Fantasy League” Monday night. As a member of Howie Mandel’s dream team, the pair beat out top acts such as The Pack Drumline, V.Unbeatable, Sainted and Musa Motha.

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“We believe our lives are changing from that moment,” Ramadhani tells USA TODAY. “It means a lot for us. We are so happy we can’t explain it.”

Their “AGT” victory is the culmination of a whirlwind two-year journey. The Ramadhani Brothers originally planned to audition for “AGT” Season 17, but Jobu was unable to obtain his travel visa in time. In the interim, the duo appeared on several “Got Talent” franchise series, including “Australia’s Got Talent,” “Got Talent España” and “Românii au talent,” which set the stage for its “AGT” debut on Season 18.

Brothers Fadhili Ramadhani and Ibrahim Jobu beat out nine other finalists — two of whom were competing on Howie’s team, and the rest on judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, and Heidi Klum‘s teams — for the coveted title.

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“Winning AGT: Fantasy League is the most amazing feeling that we can’t describe!” Fadhili exclusively tells PEOPLE after the win. “We have been in other Got Talent competitions around the world and have reached every finals but have never won. But winning against past winners of AGT and some of the best acts on the planet, it really raises our status.”

The hand and head-balancing brothers from Tanzania first came to AGT during season 18 in 2023, but finished in fifth place despite their unbelievably thrilling acts. Heidi then drafted them to her Fantasy League team, but after their qualifiers performance, Howie couldn’t help but use his Golden Buzzer to steal the brothers and send them straight to the finale.


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In a stunning display of talent and skill, the Ramadhani Brothers have emerged as the winners of America’s Got Talent 2024. The talented group wowed both the judges and the audience with their mesmerizing performances throughout the competition.

The Ramadhani Brothers, consisting of four siblings, brought their unique blend of music, dance, and acrobatics to the stage. Their performances were a perfect fusion of creativity, precision, and passion, captivating the hearts of everyone who watched.

From their very first audition, the Ramadhani Brothers showcased their exceptional abilities. Their high-energy routines and flawless synchronization impressed the judges, earning them a standing ovation and rave reviews.

Throughout the competition, the Ramadhani Brothers continued to push the boundaries of their artistry. Each performance was a testament to their dedication and hard work, as they incorporated new elements and surprises into their acts.

What’s next for Ramadhani Brothers after ‘AGT: Fantasy League’?

Ramadhani Brothers are making history with their “Fantasy League” victory. With their win, the duo becomes the first Tanzanian act to win any “AGT” competition, according to a press release from NBC.

The winner of “AGT: Fantasy League” receives a prize of $250,000. Jobu says the duo wants to use a portion of its prize money to purchase training equipment for other acrobats in Tanzania.

“We have a lot of artists in Tanzania,” Jobu says. “So, we have to buy some equipment to help (them).”

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