Majina 7364 Ya Wanafunzi waliopata mkopo Awamu ya pili 2021



Majina 7364 Ya Wanafunzi waliopata mkopo Awamu ya pili 2021



Majina ya waliopata Mkopo 2021 awamu ya pili, Loan Board has released Majina ya wanafunzi waliopata mkopo awamu ya pili 2021

The Higher Education Student Loans Board (HESLB) has announced today (Friday, October 22, 2021) a list of second phase with 7,364 first-year students scheduled for loans worth TZS 19.4 Billion for the expected 2021/2022 academic year starting next week.

HESLB CEO Mr. Abdul-Razaq Badru said that the list released today brings the total number of first-year students to 45,095 students who have been allocated loans worth TZS 119.3 Billion.

Badru added that HESLB has already started sending funds to those students who are scheduled for second phase loans in various colleges and asked students to get detailed information in the accounts they used to apply for a loan known as SIPA (Student’s Individual Permanent Account) and prepare to go to college for enrollment.


“The government has given us money and we have started sending it to colleges… our goal is to ensure that the students who are assigned find the money in the colleges where they will register and receive to fulfill their dreams,” said Badru.

Release Date Phase Three List

Regarding the announcement of the Phase Three list, Badru said the list of students scheduled for loans will be released on Monday, October 25, 2021 after completing the ongoing application analysis and urging loan applicants to visit their SIPA accounts to get information about their applications.


“This second list includes qualified students including those who are in need, have applied correctly and have completed the admission procedures of one college… .

TZS 570 Billion has been allocated for higher education loans 2021/2022

According to Badru, the Government has allocated TZS 570 Billion for loans totaling 160,000 students. Among them, 70,000 students will be new beneficiaries and more than 90,000 students will be continuing their studies after passing their annual examinations.

Money has begun to be sent to colleges

Meanwhile, Badru said HESLB has already received funding for student payments and payment procedures have been completed and student funds are expected to arrive at the colleges starting today, Friday October 22, 2021.

NOTE: In addition, Badru said HESLB urges loan applicants to remain calm while the process of arranging loans for qualified students for the next phase continues.

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Majina 7364 Ya Wanafunzi waliopata mkopo Awamu ya pili



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