Public announcement about ajira za sensa 2022


Public announcement about ajira za sensa 2022 | Mfumo wa maombi ya sensa 2022 Important news | ajira

May 05, 2022, Government of the United Republic of Tanzania officially announced the start of receiving applications for temporary clerks and clerks supervisors of the Population and Housing Census to be held on August 23, 2022 through the Electronic Application System.(Mfumo wa maombi ya ajira za sensa/ ajira)

The Application is progressing well for the whole country and up to May 9, 2022 at seven afternoon, we have received a total of 119,468 applicants. Of the 119,468 applicants, 46,159 applicants are employees from the public and private sector; 14,393 applicants are self-employed and applicants 58,916 are unemployed.

Some of the challenges that applicants have faced include;

(a). Applicants do not fill in the correct information such as email and phone numbers phone and thus failing to receive a password and other information key to enable the applicant to proceed with the completion of the application.
(b). Applicants forget the username and password thus failing update and send Form No. 1 approved by the employer for employed and local government officials;

(c). Applicants not having some information such as National Identity Card (NIDA);
(d). Applicants do not have the necessary documentation to attach such as Birth certificate; and
(e). Applicants be in areas with poor internet access therefor fail to send and updating applications.

NOTE: For all applicants, you need to be careful when logging in system and read accordingly before you start filling out Form No.1 and make sure you follow the following instructions once again;

Public announcement about ajira za sensa 2022

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Public announcement about ajira za sensa 2022
Public announcement about ajira za sensa 2022

  1. Avatar Of Emmaculata Ketocho Mugaya

    Nimeituma maombi ya sensa Ila sijapata sms naomba msaada

    1. Avatar Of Admin
      admin says

      Jiunge Umu usaidiwe Bonyeza Hapa

  2. Avatar Of Sophia
    Sophia says

    Tusaidie maana no tunaambiwa ishatumika solution

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