Bei ya kuunganisha umeme 2022, Gharama za kuvuta umeme, Fomu ya maombi ya umeme TANESCO 2022. Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) is a Parastatal organization established by Memorandum and Articles of Association incorporated on 26th November 1931 which established Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (the then Tanganyika Electric Supply Company Limited -TANESCO).

Bei ya kuunganisha umeme 2022

Bei ya kuunganisha umeme 2022

The Minister of Energy in Tanzania, January Makamba has said that the actual cost of connecting electricity to houses for urban and rural residents is Sh800,000.

However, he has said that the Government has been providing subsidies to reduce the cost by realizing its importance and the real life of Tanzanians.

Speaking yesterday on the 45 Minutes program aired by the ITV television station, Makamba said that the money used to increase Tanzanians’ access to the service could be used to improve other services including expanding the electricity network.

“If a citizen is required to pay Sh27,000, he should know that the Government is contributing Sh773,000 from his pocket and if we say that the customer should pay Sh321,000 at that rate, he should know that the Government is contributing Sh489,000, it is important that this is known.

“The actual costs of electricity and connection are the prices that are set by the Energy and Water Regulatory Authority (Ewura) therefore the Tanzania Electricity Corporation (Tanesco) cannot charge a rate higher than that set by the relevant authority,” he said.

Minister Makamba has said that citizens should realize that Tanesco incurs costs to buy wires, meters and poles.

Jinsi ya Kufungiwa Umeme

Do you know the procedures to follow in order to connect Electricity in Tanzania by TANESCO? Follow the steps Below

FIRST STEP: Fomu ya maombi ya umeme TANESCO

  • The customer can take the electricity application form in any office of the organization within his region regardless of whether the area is served by the relevant office. But he will have to return the office of the areas where his residence is to make it easier to be tested (service line survey)
  • Electronic application forms are provided free of charge to all customers
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  • Make sure the electricity has reached your areas and if it is a project it has been completed.
  • Make sure the wiring in your house is done through a registered contractor and is complete (their list is available at TANESCO)
  • Identity that identifies the applicant for electricity, such as a driver’s license, passport, national identity card, etc. (this helps the organization to identify the relevant customer)
  • For the applicant of an additional meter (meter separation), the name that will be used is that of the house owner as it is read in the previous meter. Otherwise the client must use written confirmation of the landlord’s permission. The customer is advised to bring the number of the meter (if there is more than one, bring them all) to check if there is a debt. *(if the previous meter has a debt, we will not be allowed to request a second meter)*
  • For applicants applying for offices, companies or government or private institutions, they should bring a business license, tin number, company registration certificate. Or the certification of the relevant office.
  • For tenants of houses of institutions or companies, bring letters from the tenants showing that the owners of those houses have agreed to the relevant meter, whether it is the name of the tenant or of the relevant institution
  • The organization would like to ask the house owners to come to our office themselves to prevent the fraud that has been done by some dishonest people

SECOND STEP | Draw a wiring diagram of the house

If the customer meets the criteria and conditions of the initial stage and is given the initial application form, he should do the following:-

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