New Job vacancies at Rungwe District Council _ October 2022



New Job vacancies at Rungwe District Council. Rungwe District Council is located in Mbeya Region’s southern end, whereby the region itself is located in southwestern Tanzania. The district council headquarters is situated at Tukuyu Township, which is about 72 km from Mbeya District along Uyole Ibanda highway, which passes through Kyela District Council enroot to Republic of Malawi. Rungwe District lies between latitudes 8030’ East and 9030 South of the Equator and Longitudes 330 and 340 East of Greenwich Meridian.

New Job vacancies at Rungwe District Council


The district council shares borders with Kyela District Council in the south, in the West with Ileje District Council in Songwe Region, in the East with Busokelo District Council and Mbeya Rural District in the North. Administratively, Rungwe District Council consists of three divisions namely: Tukuyu Township, Ukukwe and Pakati wherein there are 29 wards with 99 registered villages.

The villages are further sub – divided into 454 sub-villages popularly known as hamlets but no streets (mitaa) within Tukuyu Township. Rungwe District Council has a total land area of 1231.86 sq. km out of which 1,231.54 equivalents to 99.97 percent of the total area is covered with land area while the remaining 0.3243 equivalent to 0.02 percent is covered with water.

New Job vacancies at Rungwe District Council _ October 2022

The executive director of the council is inviting applications from Tanzanians to fill new vacancies. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT ATTACHED BELOW:



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