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Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi 2023

LATRA Nauli Mpya za mabasi 2023

The Land Transportation Regulatory Authority (LATRA) has announced changes in fares for long-haul and short-haul flights after reviewing the views of travel stakeholders in the country.

Laughter for the owners of long-distance buses and cries while the cries are on the part of ordinary citizens due to the Land Transport Regulatory Authority (Latra) announcing a new increase in fares that will come into force on December 8, 2023 if there is no objection.

Latra through its Director General, Habibu Suluo today Monday November 27, 2023 in Arusha has announced the new fares which have increased at different rates depending on the distance and type of road. The main reason for the increase in fares has been stated to be the increase in operating costs, including the increase in fuel prices (gasoline and diesel).

According to LATRA, fares for journeys of less than 10 kilometers whose fare was 500 shillings will now be 600. For journeys of 11 to 15 kilometers whose fare was 550 shillings will now be 700 shillings.

For kilometers 15 to 20, where the fare was 600 shillings, it will now be 800, while for trips of 21 to 25 kilometers, the fare has gone from 700 to 900 shillings. For a trip of 26 to 30 kilometers, the fare is 1100 shillings, a trip of 31 to 35 kilometers is 1300 shillings and a kilometer 36 to 40 fare is 1400. In addition, student fares will continue to remain at 200 for short-distance trips.

LATRA Nauli mpya za mabasi 2023

Suluo said that buses with a route of less than 10 kilometers will increase from Sh500 to Sh600, the fare of 11 to 15 kilometers will increase from Sh550 to Sh700 and the fare of 16 to 20 kilometers will increase from Sh600 to Sh800.

“Daladalas with a route of 21 to 25 kilometers, the fare will rise from Sh700 to Sh900, those with a route of 26 to 30 kilometers, the fare will rise from Sh850 to Sh1,100,” said Suluo.

The information provided by Latra also said that for taxis that used to charge Sh1,000 (distance between 31 and 35 kilometers) the price will rise to Sh1,300 and those with routes whose distance is between 36 and 40 kilometers, the fare price will rise from Sh1 ,100 to Sh1,400.

When the fares go up on the side of Daladala by an average of 10 percent, also for long-distance buses, the fare will go up according to the class of the bus and the type of road used.

“Normal grade buses on asphalt roads will charge Sh48.47 per kilometer from Sh41.29 as before and for dirt roads the grade will charge Sh53.32 per kilometer from Sh51.61,” said part of the statement. .

Also, the fare will increase for middle-class buses (luxury and semi-luxury) for paved roads, the fare will increase from Sh56.88 per kilometer to Sh67.84.

In addition, Latra has said that the new fares include a 0.5 percent fee charged by the authority.

Bus fares are listed in the table below.

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