Danvast Careers Search is a global search engine for searching new vacancies or jobs as well as offer recruitment process, staff outsourcing and career advice. We were start our journey with blog portal for the last 5 years but now we offer a best web based job portal for both employers and candidates. Website offer a millions of latest jobs opportunities from private companies, Non Profit Organizations and Government agencies worldwide. But also as Recruitment agency we help hundred of companies to get a right candidates for sustainable development.

Danvast Careers Search

Danvast Careers Search

Danvast Career Search as job portal system offer a place from all private sectors, UN Agencies, biggest NGO and Government Sector to crawls all careers opportunities and publishes in one place. Therefore there is no need to look every UN  Agencies, NGO and private companies websites, now all jobs are in one place.  We already done it for you, just register an account, create resume online and get job alert at your inbox.

Employers can register an account for free and post new jobs but also they can tracking all application process through online. However they can download candidates CV when they interested. Generally Danvast career search offer employment agency where we can connect employers and candidates, staff outsourcing and any other career services.

Danvast Career Search has been developing innovative web based solutions for hundreds of organizations across East Africa and globally, providing them with  knowledge, skilled talent for sustainable employment for millions of people all over the world . We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering  to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us



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