Employment Secretariat has launched a digital interview system (AOTS)

The Employment Secretariat has launched a digital interview system (AOTS) that will enable the applicant to be interviewed at his location instead of traveling a long distance, in order to reduce costs for the Government and the interviewees.

Employment Secretariat Has Launched A Digital Interview System (Aots)

Employment Secretariat has launched a digital interview system (AOTS)

This was determined yesterday March 23, 2024 in Dodoma, at a working session to introduce the system to the heads of Government IT, the private sector and universities from Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. The system will officially come into use on April 6, this year.

Speaking at the meeting, the Minister of State, Office of the President, Public Service Management and Good Governance, George Simbachawene has asked the employees of the Employment Secretariat to be fair and honest in the process of providing employment as the matter is sensitive and affects the security of Nation.

Simbachawene has said that the issue of employment is the life of the people, so the process should be governed by transparency and integrity in order to remove complaints from those who are looking for employment in the government. He said that the system will help reduce the costs of interviewees who were complaining about traveling long distances to the interview center, spending a lot of time and costing a lot, and then at the end of the day they are unemployed.

“You find a person traveling from Lindi to Dodoma for an interview, sometimes he arrives without even knowing where he will get to, the fare itself is borrowed and then he arrives and has to spend three days for the interview. You find even his psychology is not good, but with this system it will help reduce the costs that initially caused many fail to go to the interview centers,” said Simbachawene.

The Minister has said along with the sequence, but at the end of the day a person is unemployed when he has spent a lot of money for the interview, a situation that was causing complaints among the interviewees. He has asked the employees of the Employment Secretariat to do justice to all those who are looking for employment in the country so that they do not destroy the national security.

He has given an example of the interview for the jobs of the Tanzania Port Authority (TPA) and the Revenue Authority (TRA) which caused a big risk in the country by gathering many young people at the same time and when the required number was small.

“The interview caused a great stir because TPA needed 1,500 people but those who showed up were 14,000 and TRA needed 2,100 people but those who showed up were 36,000. This is a big risk, 36,000 people entering at the same time in one region and some were sleeping at the station and others stand while they wait for the results of their interviews,” he said. He said that if the system works well, it will also be introduced in the education and health sectors so that when they hire, they will use the interview system.

Acting Secretary General of the Employment Secretariat, Innocent Bomani has said that the system will enable applicants to conduct interviews at designated centers in their regions instead of traveling to others. He said that this will reduce the cost of distance and fare that the interviewees were using. The Assistant Secretary of IT Infrastructure from the Employment Secretariat, Mtage Ugullum has said that among the 154 centers allocated for interviews across the country, 119 were the ones that had 8,375 computers with internet access. He said the first interview to use the system will be held on April 6, 2024, which will be for IT officers

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