Messi Injury Out for two weeks 2021



Messi Injury Out for two weeks

PSG’s new striker Lionel Messi is expected to be sidelined for at least two weeks after MRI tests revealed he suffered a concussion in his left knee which left him with a hamstring injury in the game against Lyon last weekend.


In the game, PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino questioned the star’s health and decided to make a change in the 75th minute and was replaced by right-back Achraf Hakini in a game that sparked controversy after Messi made a change.

Messi has already missed one of the French Premier League games against Metz on the eve of September 2021 with PSG securing a 2-1 and scoring 21 points in 7 games and a one hundred percent winning.


Messi’s knee pain and the prospect of two weeks out will keep him out of the Premier League game against Montpellier and even Manchester City in the Champions League on September 28 this year.

While Lionel Messi is injured, midfielder Maeco Verratti and central defender Sergio Ramos have started training to keep fit.


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