LGCSE Supplementary Examinations Registration, LGCSE Supplementary Examinations Registration online 2024,  The Examinations Council of Lesotho (ECoL) serves as the authority responsible for developing, overseeing, and maintaining a robust assessment system for Basic Education that addresses Lesotho’s educational requirements. ECoL administers the Grade 7 End-of-Level Assessment, which gauges learners’ attainment of learning goals as they transition to the Secondary Phase. Additionally, ECoL manages Grade 11 public examinations for the Lesotho General Certificate of Secondary Education (LGCSE), a qualification endorsed by the National University of Lesotho (NUL) for quality assurance.

ECoL is also entrusted with conducting the biennial Lesotho National Assessment of Educational Progress (LNAEP) Survey in Grades 4 and 6. This survey, conducted on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), monitors the progress of the country’s education system.

Furthermore, ECoL offers services including evaluating foreign results, printing replacement certificates, issuing migration certificates, verifying foreign results and certificates, as well as administering English proficiency tests. These services are accessible online for enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, and client convenience

LGCSE Supplementary Examinations Registration 2024

LGCSE Supplementary Examinations Registration online, Online Registration is a web portal through which Private Candidates and School Candidates can register for ECoL administered examinations. The portal is categorised into two sections with each section dedicated to each type of candidate, that is, Private Candidates have a section used by only them in the web portal and school candidates have their own. The School candidates section in the web portal is used by schools to register candidates for examinations. While the Private Candidates section in the web portal is used by Private Candidates to register for examinations. Private Candidates are candidates who do not attend any formal schools administered School Candidates are candidates who attend formal schools. The documents below provide a guide on how to access each section of the web portal.

Private Registration

This section of the system is to be used by Learners who are studying as individuals without attending any formal schools. They can register to the nearest schools or go directly to Examinations Council of Lesotho. Their registration ends towards the end of May.


School Registration

These are fulltime learners and the minimum number of subjects they study is 6. Their registration is done in 2 steps: firstly, their schools submit softcopies of registration lists and the deadline for submission is on February. Secondly, they complete the financial registration (pay for the candidates registered for examinations) towards the end of May.


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