The manager of Simba’s Information and Communication Department, Ahmed Ally, has issued a warning to anyone who will support wanting to sabotage and bring down the team so that it does not go to the quarter final stage.
He has lowered the pressure on the fans to tell Simba if they will be one and stick together, no one will interfear them in their game, and whoever interfered in the match will have welcomed him themselves.

Ahmed made this statement at the launch of the game at the end of the group stage of the African Champions League, he said that whoever touches their matches will not be forgotten by his generation. He has said that they are gathering their strength to become one and stand firm and no one will support their matches including the one on Saturday, against Jwaneng Galaxy.

“Football is entertainment but it’s a war, when you enter into the results then we enter into a war and we will not play with anyone, anyone who pretends to play our match we will fly with him badly.”
This week we are in a war, let’s be fierce, let’s fight on the ground, in the water, in the air, every Lion should carry the armor to fight for the Lion entering the quarter finals.

“Simba fans have to fight in this battle and their weapon is to show up on Saturday to show up on the field in large numbers to take Simba to the quarter-finals,” said Ahmed.

He has given fear to coders who are cold about Saturday’s match, preparations have been made and continue to be made for what is possible to find victory against Jwaneng Galaxy.

“Going to the quarter-finals depends on the coders themselves joining forces and going to Benjamin Mkapa together, then Jwaneng Galaxy will meet a very bad death like what he met with Horoya FC last season.
Saturday at the Mkapa stadium we are going to do what we are used to in our lives to enter the fifth quarter-final of the international championship (CAF),” said the Manager of the Information and Communications Department.

He explained that Abdelhak Benchikha’s team continues training to prepare for the game, remember Simba is used to entering the quarter finals and they are going for the fifth time in the African Champions League.
“When Simba wants the quarter-finals then no team will stop them, Jwaneng Galaxy have come at a bad time, because they need to continue in their lives and take revenge.

Rain or shine, Jwaneng Galaxy must die a bad death to ensure that Simba will play in the fourth quarter-final stage in the African Champions League. We cannot lose twice to one team, there is no team that can beat Simba consecutively, if they have beaten us in 2021, now it is Jwaneng Galaxy’s turn,” said Ahmed.
He explained that despite playing with Jwaneng Gallaxy, they have received a visit from Morocco, whose representative of Wydad Casablanca is in the country to monitor their match between Simba and Jwaneng Gallaxy if there are any indications of fixing the results.

“We have invited them and not just one person, if they want to come we all have guests because Wydad Casablanca lost themselves and lost 2 goals here at home, so even Jwaneng Galaxy will want you and we just need a 1-0 score to lead us to the quarter finals,” said the manager.

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